Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Tips: This is How You’ll Immediately Enjoy Safe and Healthy Homes

Cleaning your home is a daunting task but you need not worry about it if you hire professional cleaners. One of the most important things to consider in home cleaning is how to switch to a greener way of keeping your home spotless and organized. Green cleaning tips vary according to your needs and preferences. Green cleaning basically cleans your home while reducing your carbon footprint. This means cleaning your home without causing havoc to the environment and the surroundings in general.


Green Cleaning Companies are Real

Everyone is going green including cleaning companies. The cleaning industry is making a huge switch to everything eco-friendly and all-natural. These service providers offer quality results through using methods and techniques that eradicate harsh chemicals. Green cleaning treatments significantly reduce the contribution to things that cause harm to the environment.

Cleaning companies gravitate towards greener and cleaner methods starting with the right chemical products. There is a conscious consideration of what is inside the colorful and bright cleaning chemical bottles. People highly prefer greener cleaning treatments due to a number of reasons. Whether it is a DIY cleaning task or professional green cleaning, there are numerous tips and strategies that could give you gleaming and spotless results.


Upsides of Green Cleaning Methods

Home cleaning is a vital part of your daily or regular routine. Your house is your safe haven where you relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day. However, it can also be home to various germs, bacteria, allergens, and disease-causing pollutants. It is not enough that you clean your home with today’s chemical solutions though. Green cleaning is the best choice and these reasons explain why:


Green Cleaning Makes Healthier Homes

Going green means having no chemical products in your home. The absence of chemical in your surroundings also means that you are not exposed to hazardous substances. These chemicals potentially enter your body through absorption into the skin. You can ingest or inhale harmful chemicals when you are cleaning the house. All the occupants in your home, including your pets, are no longer at risk of breathing in chemical substances that could linger in the air or sit on surfaces.


How chemical sprays affect your health?

According to studies, household cleaning sprays raise the risk of adverse allergic reactions. These chemical sprays also aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma. Using natural and green products reduces the risk of common chronic ailments due to chemical ingestion and inhalation.


Better Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

Air pollution is not just the presence of dust, dirt, allergens, and polluting substances in the air. Cleaning chemicals that diffuse in the air are likewise causes of air pollution. Switching to green products that have natural ingredients and formulation improves air quality. Strong chemical odors are not just pungent odors that could destroy your sense of smell. It could have more serious underlying effects such as chronic or life-threatening respiratory diseases.


Green cleaning products on the other hand are not just safe and healthy to use. Most of these all-natural formulations include pleasant smelling natural essential oils. Don’t get fooled by the smell though. Green cleaning products also have the same superior and harsh effects on dirt and stain. The only difference is that you are using non-synthetic, natural ingredients that protect or are gentle to your body. Most green cleaning solutions are even referred to as aroma therapeutic.


Safer yet Effective Results

Harsh cleaning chemicals usually have the safety precautions in their label. You can find products with the “Keep Out of Reach of Children” or warning that they are harmful when ingested. These are proofs that these cleaning chemicals contain strong and health-threatening ingredients. Therefore, conventional cleaning products undoubtedly pose physical or bodily risks to the users. In most cases of accidents, chemical burns occur particularly to the eyes and skin.


Green cleaning products, on the other hand, are gentle on the skin and the entire body as a whole. They do not have corrosive formulation. Moreover, certified green products comply with stringent standards about combustibility, inhalation toxicity, and skin absorption. You need safety gears when using chemical products such as gloves and masks. Hire professional cleaning companies for much safer and more effective results. Today’s cleaning specialists promote the use of natural and green cleaning treatments.


Cost Effective Cleaning

Green cleaning products are less expensive compared to their chemical counterparts. There are even homemade cleaning solutions that you can make from stuffs in your kitchen. Home cleaning solutions usually include a combination of baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, and the likes. These are cheaper yet equally effective cleaning agents compared to costlier conventional chemical products.


Green Cleaning Products in the Market

A lot of companies are now investing in the production or purchase of green products. According to entrepreneurs, eco-friendly cleaning product costs have become more and more competitive in the market. in commercial settings, green products also help keep the offices or business establishments clean while reducing the risk of employees’ sick leaves. Accidents such as chemical spills and fires have also decreased.


Most Helpful Green Cleaning Tips

House cleaning is taken to a higher level with green cleaning products. Here are some of the pointers for green cleaning and how you can make it as effective as possible:


Use Certified Green Cleaning Products

The green cleaning industry paves the way for top notch cleaning services with all-natural and safe cleaning solutions. However, it also opened the door for opportunists and rogue traders to abound. Check for the authenticity of the eco-friendly cleaning products you choose. There are numerous brands and cleaning products out there. How do you know that they are the real deal?


Check and Recheck the Product

Look closely at the ingredients or contents of the product. Check if there are any chemical ingredients mixed in the formulation. You can also check the credibility of the brand or the manufacturer. See if they are industry approved and certified for product excellence and quality standards. You can never risk dumping toxic chemical contents in your house in the guise of cleaning solutions, can you?


What are the Popular Green Brands?

There are lots of options in the green cleaning department nowadays. Biokleen, Seventh Green, Method, ECOVER, and other names are in this roster. These are environmentally sensitive products that offer a wide range of treatments from the floor to the ceiling. The full lines of green household cleaning products are also accessible in almost every store near you. The good news is that green products do work as good as their conventional chemical counterparts, only safer and healthier.


What are homemade cleaning products made with?

The truth is that you can find the ingredients right in your kitchen. Most green cleaning products usually consist of baking soda, olive oil, distilled white vinegar or apple cider, castile soap, essential oils, and water.


Green Cleaning is Steam Cleaning

You are in the right track if you use carpet steam cleaning for your house cleaning project. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is an extremely effective method for cleaning. It is also considered a green cleaning technique. This cleaning procedure is usually used for carpet or upholstery cleaning.


Why go for steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the best choice if you prefer a green and clean strategy. The tangible advantage of hot water extraction cleaning is that you can use natural cleaning products and get outstandingly seamless results. Steam cleaners for instance are powerful cleaning machines that are used in the residential or commercial settings. Choose from a wide range of steam cleaners from as low as £50 to as expensive as £500 or higher. The brand, feature, and functionality of the equipment influence the cost of the steam cleaner.


What are the different types of steam cleaning?

Steam cleaners vary in shapes and sizes. However, most steam cleaners generally look like vacuum cleaners that come in upright, handheld, or cylindrical varieties. There are various factors to consider when buying this equipment such as the size of the tank. You also need to consider the length of the cord or if you want it cordless, the pressure of the steam, and the accessories.


Are there trusted steam cleaner brands?

High quality steam cleaners from trusted manufacturers make your green cleaning project a huge success. Some of the brands to serious consider include Morphy Richards, Karcher, Vax, and Polti. You can get them from stores such as John Lewis, Tesco, and Argos.


How does steam cleaning work?

In the carpet cleaning process for instance, carpet steam cleaning uses hot water which is injected into the carpet pile, using a high pressure tube. Carpet cleaning companies usually use green carpet cleaning products which is mixed with the hot water. The heat and high pressure dislodges all embedded dirt as well as the stubborn absorbent bonding agent. The hot water and green product residue are then suctioned out of the carpet fiber after several minutes.


Recycle or Reuse Cloths and Sponges

Green cleaning methods include practices that would help reduce your carbon footprint. Recycling and reusing still usable items is one way of doing green cleaning. For instance, make sure that you don’t easily dispose your cleaning cloths or sponges. You can still reuse them if they are of good quality and condition. Most cleaning cloths are washable and could be reused several times before you finally discard them.


The Secret to Reusing

Make initial cash out on products that can last much longer compared to other cleaning materials. in the case of sponges or cloths, buy something washable or could be used multiple times. Disposable sponges or cloths are much cheaper but costlier materials that are reusable could save you time, money, and energy in the long run. Thus, the secret is in buying durable cleaning materials that could last after numerous hard cleaning works.


Limit or Avoid Using Disposable All Purpose Wipes

Commercial cleaning usually requires you to use disposable all purpose cleaning wipes. Although this is quite popular in previous years, green cleaning suggests letting it go. Limit your use of all purpose wipes that you can only use once. Wipes are made from paper materials which are not easily replenished. You need to cut trees in order to make papers and papers into wipes. Therefore wipes increase your carbon footprint as you are contributing to the destruction of the environment.


Improvise your Spray Bottles

The concept is also to reuse the spray bottles. This is quite practical and helpful if you make homemade cleaning products for your green cleaning projects. Make that switch and save the spray bottles, refilling them with much safer, cleaner, and healthier green cleaning products. Get rid of the initial chemical contents of the spray bottles first. You can put clean water inside the bottle and let it stay there for several days first. Clean the bottle and check if there are still residues or it still smells of chemicals. Label the bottle after refilling it with your homemade all-natural cleaning solution.


Clean your Oven in a Regular Basis

Regularly cleaning your oven basically prevents buildup. Ovens are extremely difficult to clean and you would not chemicals in order to restore your oven back to its great shape and condition. Green cleaning specialists suggest that regular oven maintenance and cleaning keep it safe from buildup of protein fats and dirt. These substances are quite hard to remove without strong chemical products. Go green and prevent the buildup before it even begun. It is green and healthy at the same time since oven is one of your food preparation tools.


Use All-Natural Cleaning for Glasses and Mirrors

Keep the windows in your home clearer and smudge-free without the usual ammonia-based window cleaners. There are homemade cleaning products that work best with glasses and mirrors. The effective contents are lemon juice and water for the windows and witch hazel for mirrors and glasses. Use a lint-free and clean rag or an old cotton shirt to get rid of the smudges and imperfections. Cloth diapers also work for windows, glasses, and mirrors.


Polishing your Furniture the Green Way

Conventional furniture polish is a major enemy of the green cleaning brigade. Some of the common furniture polishes with chemical loaded contents include metal polishes, drain cleaners, spot removers, silver polishes, oven cleaners, and toilet cleaning products. Bleach and liquid chemical solutions are also on the list. These products are usually made of solvents, petroleum distillates, and other hazardous chemicals.


What works best for shimmering furniture?

You can effectively polish your wood furniture without the life-threatening chemicals. Green furniture polishes consist of olive oil and lemon juice mixture. The result is sparkling shine furniture with a nice, clean, and healthy smell.


Restore Metal Works with Homemade Polishers

Restore the shine and elegance of your metal works with green polishing products. There are homemade polishes that work best for brass and tarnished copper. Green polishes give the same gleaming effect without damaging the surface. The usual homemade green polishes contain vinegar, salt, and flour. Combine the ingredients and make a paste. Rub the past on your metal works using a soft clean cloth. Cover the surface and let it dry for an hour or so. Wipe off and clean the dried paste with another soft cloth and see the shining result.


Organize and Reduce your Space

Saving space is also a guaranteed green cleaning technique. It saves you time and effort on cleaning. A much smaller home is also essential if you want to save energy resources such as electricity and water. Downsize your home and know practical storage methods to maximize your space. Much smaller homes are easier to clean and give you more time to do other productive stuffs rather than slave the hours away in scrubbing the floors and the likes.


Consult a Green Cleaning Specialist

The good news for those who want to shift to green cleaning is that you have readily accessible professional help. Search for a green cleaning company for consultation, inquiry, and service. you can easily hire a green cleaning company for a scheduled home cleaning and maintenance program. They offer different cleaning schedules and packages from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly to annual basis. You can also ask if they can customize your own cleaning schedule and the services based on your needs and preferences.


Here are the things to look for in a green cleaning service provider:

  • Ask for a proof of license, accreditation, or certification.
  • Request for references. You can use this resource in order to know more about the company based on the reviews and feedbacks of their own clients.
  • Make sure that the company is well-affiliated and insured.

The best green cleaning tips give you top notch results and healthier, safer, cleaner environment. you can certainly make a difference through making that switch to the green lifestyle. Consult and arrange a meeting with trusted and certified green cleaning specialists today.