Upholstery Cleaning Services

Being amongst the most experienced companies that offer upholstery cleaning in Sydney, we are well aware of the ins and the outs of the business. Upholstery is a commonly used fabric which is applied in a lot of different furnishing solutions and it requires specific approaches. This is mainly because the nature of the fibers is quite different from the ones in the majority of artificial fabrics or from leather, for instance. However, throughout the years we have managed to come up with the most comprehensive and effective upholstery cleaning solution which is going to manage to take perfect care of your sofa, couch as well as any other furniture that’s packed with upholster.

Our steam cleaning technicians are most certainly going to deliver great results. They are equipped with the most advanced and effective technology in order to deliver proper upholstery cleaning. We take advantage of powerful systems such as the hot water extraction one which is going to reach the roots of the fibers of your upholstery and it’s going to properly destroy the dirt, stains as well as the bacteria. Steam cleaning your upholstery is amongst the most efficient way to treat your upholstery and this is due to a variety of good reasons. Let’s take a quick look and understand why we prefer using this particular method.

upholstery cleaning
  1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Now, the first thing that you need to know about your upholstery is that it’s capable of retaining a lot of different substances and particles. That’s why it’s going to need regular cleaning and deep cleaning at least once a month. However, this is also why you should carefully pick the detergents that you are treating it with because if there is a residual chemical solution left in the upholstery this might as well cause quite a few problems for people with respiratory problems or allergies. With steam cleaning, we are going to use only green-certified products and mostly take advantage of the properties of the hot water extraction system which are very effective and do not use any chemicals at all.

  1. Sparing for the upholstery

There are quite a lot of very powerful detergents which are capable of harming the fabrics if not used properly. Throughout the usage of steam cleaning you can achieve the same effects and even better ones without having to worry about damaging your fabrics.

  1. Quick and efficient

We use a powerful method which is going to take advantage of advanced technology that’s steam cleaning and dry cleaning at the same time. This is going to make sure that you are capable of using your particular upholstery the day we clean it instead of waiting it to dry for days. This is particularly effective because when it comes to couch cleaning you want to ensure that your furniture is cleaned as soon as possible so you can return to your regular way of life.

  1. It’s Cheaper in the long run

Steam cleaning is going to prove to be cheaper in the long run because the main ingredient that you are going to be using is pressurized water. This means that you are effectively going to be saving money when you begin to add things up.

Being the professional company that we are, we are specialized in both couch cleaning and sofa cleaning as these are without a doubt the most general and common demands of our customers when it comes to upholstery cleaning in Sydney. However, apart from that, we are also capable of providing you with an efficient and effective solution for all sorts of upholstery as we are professional enough to know how to handle it.

We take advantage of modern upholstery cleaning methods in order to make sure that every customer is thoroughly satisfied. Our cleaning systems are designed to get to the roots of the upholstery fabric and to destroy the bacteria, dirt, dust and the stains. Furthermore, we know that this is one of the best solutions in order to provide proper cleaning, disinfection as well as deodorizing the fabrics. What is more, it is going to leave your upholstery almost dry and it’s going to significantly extend the life of the fabric. It is also bringing a lot of advantages for people who suffer from commonly known conditions such as allergies, eczema, asthma, itchy skin and other respiratory problems.

All of our professionals are equipped with the best technology and the latest selection of green-certified and harmless products which are non-toxic and incredibly eco-friendly. Every single detergent that we use is thoroughly selected to revive the proper color of your furniture and upholstery and to prevent any potential discoloration. This is a common problem for a lot of detergents and we make sure that the ones we used are truly top notch and will cause no problems at all. Once we are through with your upholstery it’s going to have a fresh and long-lasting look and it is most certainly going to appear as it is fresh out of the store. The equipment that we use is particularly designated to be used for upholstery cleaning in Sydney and we’ve taken all of the specification of this particular endeavor into thorough consideration.

Professional Spot and Stain Removal

One of the most common problems with upholstery is when it get stained. The truth is that every now and then you are going to accidentally spill something on your couch or sofa and you are going to have to get it cleaned. While there is a lot of merit in doing it all by yourself, there are quite a few things that you would need to take into consideration. As we explained above, some particular detergents are going to cause discoloration and damage to your upholstery and you need to make sure that this isn’t the case. Furthermore, you want to ensure that the entire couch cleaning is carried out in a manner which is quick and effective instead of having to waste a whole day of your personal time to do so. This is why it’s far better to rely on us as properly trained and certified specialists to handle it for you.

The first thing that we are going to take into consideration is the type of the upholstery. This is important because there are quite a few different fabrics that comprise the upholstery and we need to determine which one is it in order to come up with a proper cleaning approach. Failing to do so is absolutely against our company policy as we pride ourselves in delivering 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. Right after that we are going to determine the type of the stain or spot and what has caused it. Different substances are going to require different upholstery cleaning detergents and we need to know which one would be the best suited for this particular situation. Our fully trained upholstery cleaning professionals in Sydney are also going to provide you with advice, upon request, about how to properly handle different textiles and their maintenance so you have no problems with them in the long run. With this in mind, you can expect nothing but friendly and professional attitude. However, let’s take a quick look at the process that we are going to undertake if there is a stain or a spot on your upholstery.

  1. Pre-treat the entire thing

This is absolutely crucial. We are going to use pre-treating solutions which are going to soak in and interact with the molecules of the substances that stained your coach in order to dissolve them and make it easier to treat afterwards. This is important because if we skip this step we would be forced to use harder cleaning detergents. As we explained above, our main intention is to take advantage of the safest and eco-friendly detergents in order to avoid any further complication.

  1. Apply the stain and spot removal system

This is a powerful removal system which is going to rely on the basis of hot water extraction. Basically we are going to blast the stain with pressurized water while dry cleaning it at the same time in order to introduce powerful solutions from different angles. The result is always effective and sufficient as we are capable of treating all kinds of stains and spots. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this way isn’t as harmful for the fabric as if we used powerful chemical detergents and it is going to provide clean and refreshed appeal of your upholstery.

  1. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is by far one of the best methods to clean your upholstery. While all of the above is true, regarding the chemicals that are going to be avoided, the important thing is other. Steam cleaning allows us to go deeper and attack the roots of the dirt, bacteria and other pollutants which are stacked deep within the fabric of your upholstery. Through powerful pressurized steam, we are going to ensure that all bacteria are perfectly eradicated.

  1. Deodorizing

The final touch of our cleaning process is to ensure that your entire home smells like butterflies. Of course, this is figuratively speaking. However, no cleaning process is completed properly if the result is not a fresh scent in the air. With this in mind, we are going to use proper substances to introduce the freshest appeal that your home might actually have.

Now, it’s also important to understand the need for hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company like ours. A lot of people tend to believe that having a modern steam cleaner is going to ensure a proper cleaning process which is carried out by themselves but the truth is far from this. It’s true that all types of upholstery fabrics are going to require cleaning but some of them would do so more frequently than some of the others. Your furniture that has been thoroughly upholstered is always going to be the one that you are using the most and that’s why it’s undoubtedly amongst the most seen items in your entire workplace or home. With this in mind, it’s absolutely vital to keep it in a clean shape as its appearance is going to speak volumes. It’s also worth noting that soft furnishings are likely to be amongst the biggest investments in the majority of the households while the regular usage of them is capable of making them appear all worn out faster than other solutions.

Dirt, grease, oil as well as dust is going to build up within it and spoil it thoroughly. Regular vacuuming is most certainly absolutely necessary to avoid some of the hard stains. This is also important because when your upholstered furniture gets dirty it’s also going to turn into a breeding ground for allergens, mould as well as for bacteria. That’s why the majority of the manufacturers are usually going to recommend professional upholstery cleaning to be carried out at least once a year. There is a lot of merit to using our couch cleaning and sofa cleaning services.

Professional upholstery cleaning is here to guarantee that we are going to leave your upholstery clean and looking like the furniture just came out of the store. We have trained cleaners in this particular task and they are constantly equipped with the most relevant and requisite materials and equipment and all sorts of cleaning supplies in order to come up with impeccable upholstery cleaning that’s also safe for you and for your entire family. Furthermore, the process that we are going to go through is only going to take a fraction of your time because we take advantage of incredibly modern and powerful machinery which is specifically designated to carry out quick cleaning and drying period which is going to ensure that you and your family are caused the least possible disturbance.

One of the thing that is essential about our professional upholstery cleaning services is that our trained specialists are going to take advantage of their relevant experience and knowledge in the cleaning care and they are also going to offer you a lot of additional advice on how to properly take care of your upholstery so that it’s maintained in a perfect condition.

Our company is also offering some of the most competitive prices on the market in Sydney. This is mainly due to the fact that we want to ensure that our services are accessible for a wide range of different people. This is absolutely important as the majority of the services are rather hard to afford and even if you had to carry them out once a year it’s still hard to set aside money for this type of thing. This is also why a lot of people prefer to carry them out single handedly which is causing a lot of problems in the long term and decreasing the overall durability of their upholstered items.

Furthermore, we understand that you might have a fast-paced everyday life and upholstery cleaning is without a doubt out of your priority list. With this in mind, we are available at your convenience whenever you call us. This is going to ensure that we are going to come at a time which is suitable for you and you can build your day around it.

Through the usage of powerful and modern equipment and thanks to the carefully selected green-certified products that we take advantage of, we are going to ensure upholstery cleaning in Sydney which is of top notch quality. Our company offers a wide range of comprehensive services as our professionals are deeply profound in a lot of domestic cleaning endeavors as well as in commercial ones. The upholstery is capable of speaking volumes for your enterprise especially if you have an item located in your office that hasn’t been cleaned for a significant amount of time. Keeping it fresh and tidy is going to ensure a nice first impression and we all know that you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression.

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