Carpet Cleaning Specialists

These are What Make the Best Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Carpet cleaning enables you to preserve the looks and condition of your carpet investment. Regular carpet care and maintenance is a task reserved only for professionals. Doing the task yourself may not have quality results. Thus, you need to find carpet cleaning specialists in your area. The good news is that carpet cleaners are overflowing in today’s industry. The most daunting challenge is in choosing the best service provider amidst the competition.


Remember This When Looking for Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning companies are not created equal. Some offers remarkable results while others have substandard outputs. The fact that more and more carpet cleaning businesses are available makes it even harder to find the right service provider.

Here are some of the practical and helpful steps how to find the best carpet cleaners today:


Make a Pre-Hiring Research

Hiring a carpet cleaner is a no-brainer. You need professional carpet specialists to do the job. The question is who? The first step to take is to make your pre-hiring research. Do your research about the company’s profile background, track record, and reviews from customers. It will only take a few minutes of your time and the outcome is rewarding. It would definitely save you a lot of worries in the future, especially if you avoid the rogue traders out there.


Use the Internet to Search for Carpet Cleaners

You have plenty of resources online. Explore the Internet and use major search engines to facilitate your search. Google is one of the best starting points. Check the websites of the carpet cleaning specialist. You can find valuable information from websites including their offered services, features, equipment, pricing, and other details. Customers also leave their comments about the company in the Testimonial Page if the website has a section dedicate for that.


Ask for Recommendation

Word of mouth is a surefire way to know about the carpet cleaner. Before hiring a company, you can ask around if any of your friends, colleagues, or neighbors know a carpet cleaning specialist. They will recommend their carpet cleaner if they are happy about the services they get. They will also tell you to avoid certain companies that they have complaints about or are not satisfied with their service.


Join Online Forums and Group Discussions

You have other options to get trusted recommendation and referral in case you don’t personally know any carpet cleaning customers. You can try the Internet and search or group discussions or forums about carpet cleaners. Social networking sites are good places to find people of the same interest or are looking for the same type of service. Refer to Facebook pages about carpet cleaning businesses. You can also search for tweets about carpet cleaners and those that are popular in their niche through social media.


Refer to Yellow/White Pages

One of the most conventional ways of finding a carpet cleaning company is through looking into businesses in the Yellow or White Pages. These sources already have their online counterpart so it would be easier to use if you are a mobile user. There are also other similar social networks such as LinkedIn where professionals and businesses have their company profiles. Access these sites and see important details about the carpet cleaner including their contact information and customer reviews.


Carpet Cleaning Organizations

Just like in any other industries, carpet cleaners also have their own associations and groups. You know that you are dealing with the right service providers if they have certifiable membership with industry approved organizations. Members of these industry groups have the license, certification, and even accolades if they good at their job. Thus, if you are hiring a carpet cleaner, check their affiliation to know their status quo and reputation.


National Carpet Cleaners Association

The NCCA is one of the most trusted associations in the carpet cleaning industry. The organization was founded more than 4 decades ago. It continuous serves the industry through ensuring quality carpet cleaning services through their certified members. The association thus caters to customers and their needs for high quality carpet care and maintenance.


Best Practice of Certified Carpet Cleaners

Why hire professional carpet cleaners especially certified members of the NCCA? The National Carpet Cleaners Association imposes rules and regulations to their members in order to promote best practice in the carpet cleaning business. These practices cover all the aspects of carpet care and maintenance. Members fulfill and comply with these requirements in order to be recognized and certified as professional cleaning companies. They also become eligible to carry the NCCA in their trade.


These are the best practices according to the NCCA standards:


Publicly Available Specification or PAS 86: 2008

The Code of Practice includes professional inspection, cleaning, restoration, and maintenance of textile floor coverings or carpets. NCCA develops the PAS86 with the BSI British Standards and with help from industry experts. It is a government approved code of practice that is applicable and observed in the carpet cleaning industry. It is relevant not just to the cleaning industry but also to government bodies, the insurance industry, trading standards, retailers, carpet manufacturers, consumers, and training bodies. The code of practice is also observed in the cleaning, management, and inspection department of textile flooring coverings. It covers both domestic and commercial carpets and textile flooring coverings available.


Important Reminder for Carpet Owners

Make sure that the professional carpet cleaner you employ strictly and religiously follow the PAS86 Code of Practice. One of the reasons why NCCA members are the best choice is because they already adopted and used the PAS86 Code of Practice as their service guide. Furthermore, the NCCA is also tuning up plans to make the PAS86 Code of Practice a mandatory standard that all carpet cleaners must observe, members or not.


Training Courses for Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning is serious business. Reputable carpet cleaners invest everything to improve their services and standards. Thus, they make sure their technicians undergo training courses for license and updates. More accreditation and certification from industry approved organizations means better reputation and customer approval.

There are organized series of complete carpet cleaning training courses available for companies. You can ask for proof of these certifications if you want to know the quality of the carpet cleaning company you are planning to hire.


Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Trainees take part in this entry level carpet cleaning and upholstery care and maintenance program. The training course is for newcomers as well as experienced carpet cleaners. The module includes updates on the newest cleaning techniques, soft furnishing and carpet cleaning equipment, chemical solutions, and the latest in the carpet industry.


Training is Mandatory for Membership

Carpet cleaning companies that want to apply for membership with organizations such as NCCA need to comply with the training requirements. The training courses have the appropriate standard that all trainees need to pass. They also need to pass the test as a course-end assessment. Compliance with these requirements makes the company a full-pledged member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. The company is now allowed to use the much coveted NCCA logo to their brand or business name.


Membership Training Course

Applicants attend the course training with certified carpet cleaning specialists as the mentors or instructors. These experts have the knowledge and experience with carpet cleaning customers and their carpet problems in a day to day basis. The course includes various examinations with multiple choice questionnaires. There are also manuals as well as a certification after the program is complete.


Advanced Stain and Spot Treatment and Removal Course

This training is available to members and non-members. The course includes learning and mastering the identification of the nature of specific carpet stains. It also teaches trainees how to look for spills and advise the client as to the ideal approach before starting the cleaning process. Stain removal requires patience since most stains are complex. The training provides substantial input to the applicants especially in defining the fabric or fiber, dyes, and the finishing agents used to protect the carpet.


Safety and Health Course for Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning poses certain threats to technicians. Thus, it is imperative for aspiring members of the NCCA to undergo this particular training course. The course teaches about the safety and health laws that apply to the carpet cleaning business. The laws protect people from injuries and other carpet cleaning hazards. Delegates learn the different assessment documents and policies connected with carpet care and maintenance.


Some of the topics covered in the course include:

  • Carpet Cleaning Law
  • Manual Handling
  • Lone Working
  • Slips and Trips
  • Emergency Planning and Reporting Accidents
  • First Aid Guidelines
  • Work Environment Guidelines
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • COSHH Assessment
  • Health and Safety Documents


Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician Course

There is a world of difference between carpet cleaning in residential and commercial settings. Entry-level commercial carpet cleaners learn the techniques for proper maintenance in commercial facilities. The course includes basic carpet construction, safety procedures, and proactive techniques. It highlights the latest carpet cleaning methodologies for commercial venues. Delegates also learn preventative, interim, and restorative or salvage cleaning. Carpet technicians discover their role in the overall success of the carpet maintenance program for commercial applications.


Levels of Carpet Cleaning Company Members

The affiliation of the carpet cleaning company says a lot about their standards and status in the industry. Organizations such as the National Carpet Cleaners Association have a hierarchy or ladder of the different member levels. Check if your preferred carpet cleaner is in the entry or associate level or advanced and senior category.


Associate Members

New members are on this tier and may climb up the next level after they have a minimum experience of 12 months. Associate member requirements include attendance to any recognized or industry approved courses particularly on Advanced Stain and Spot treatment. The carpet cleaning company must also proof of full insurance coverage that includes Treatment Risk and Product Liability. The latter coverage protects the carpet cleaner since they are using third party cleaning products.



This category requires members to have the right insurance. The carpet cleaning company member must also have good standing and track record with the NCCA. The company proves to use the NCCA Code of Practice with at least a full year of complying with the code. Members need to certify their understanding of the requirements for Health and Safety which are applicable to the task. Members could go up the ladder or opt to remain in this level after 2 years through reapplication.


Advanced Members

Advanced carpet cleaners have no less than 3 years of industry experience. The company owner or employee could either be designated as the Head Technician. Before applying to the Advanced Member level, the company must first have a representative that will attend at least 1 industry approved training course in addition to their other certifications. The company is required to maintain good standing with NCCA, correct insurance, and comprehensive understanding of the requirements for health and safety. After 5 years of being in this level, a member could apply for Senior Membership.


Senior Member

Senior members are part of the organization for at least 7 consecutive years. On top of complying with the requirements for the Advanced Member level, Senior Member applicants must also complete four additional recognized training courses. The company’s Head Technician must have updates through one more training course every 3 years. Some companies choose not to advance to the 2 highest levels since they have already acquired the expertise and years of experience to satisfy their customers.


Other Important Features of Professional Carpet Cleaners

Aside from the aforementioned traits and qualities of a certified carpet cleaner, professional service providers are also highly preferred due to the following features:


Wide Range of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet cleaning experts know not just one but a wide range of cleaning methods. Carpets are not created equal, thus they require appropriate techniques for quality results. Carpet cleaners know the perfect approach to get rid of stains and dirt in Persian rugs and the right method for Turkish variations. The different types and constructions of carpet determine the ideal cleaning technique that truly works.


Competitive Service Rates

Reputable carpet cleaners make sure that their pricing is affordable and within the usual range of cleaning companies in the industry. You will not find any anomalies or shadowy indications of fraud and hidden charges in their quotes. Moreover, you get what you paid for and even more. Certified carpet cleaners that are members of industry organizations maintain this practice in order to stay at par with the competition.


Honest and Reliable

Licensed and insured carpet cleaners have the certification and insurance to do their job with excellent results. Professional carpet cleaning companies conduct background checks on their technicians and new staffs in order to maintain their trusted reputation. Take note that you allow people into your house when they do the onsite inspection and actual cleaning process. You need to be 100% sure that the carpet technicians are trustworthy at all times, especially when you’re not around.


Friendly and Courteous

Carpets cleaning training courses are not just about skill enhancement. It also includes teaching delegates how to be customer-centered. Carpet technicians that are customer-oriented make sure their customers are not just satisfied with their cleaning service. They also build rapport and friendship with their clients. After all, good relations with your customers guarantee customer approval and loyalty.


Free Consultation and Advice

Carpet cleaning specialists start their services from the moment you pick up the phone, dial their number, and inquire about their service. Cleaning companies offer free consultation as a complimentary part of their overall package. You can simply call the company, set an appointment for consultation or even do it over the phone at your most convenient time. You can schedule an onsite visit and inspection for more accurate and realistic quotes. There are also online inquiry forms where you can get initial estimates of the cleaning job based on your requirements.


24/7/365 Customer Service

The best carpet cleaners show their expertise through the results of their services. Most importantly, the reflection of their quality standards is on their customer support. Reputable carpet cleaners offer round the clock hotline where customers can inquire about their carpet problems and needs. There are websites that have 24/7 customer representatives to cater to your carpet cleaning concerns any time of the day or night. Carpet accidents happen in the most unexpected place and time. Thus, carpet cleaning specialists make sure they are also available all year round. You can call beyond business hours and arrange a cleaning schedule even during holidays.

The best carpet cleaning experts have the ideal qualities of a customer-oriented and results-driven service provider. Make a comprehensive review and research about the carpet cleaning company you wish to hire. Keep in touch with the service provider for inquiries or more details and get beautiful, healthy and clean rugs today.