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Beware of Cleaning Meltdown: This is What Happens When You Know it’s Time to Clean

One of the most pressing concerns about home cleaning is the best time to do the task. When is the right time to clean and how often do you clean your house? Overdoing the chore is a huge waste of resources such as time, money, and energy. However, not addressing the cleaning issues on the right time could aggravate the problem. So how do you really know how frequent you need to don the apron and the gloves, and other cleaning gears and get started?


How often is often enough?

The answer to this important question is, it depends. The frequency of doing the cleaning chores depends on the household. A much smaller household with low foot traffic needs lesser and lightweight cleaning compared to bigger households with lots of occupants. The activities you do inside the house also determine the frequency of the cleaning process. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Do you want an immaculate, spotless, and gleaming house? Or it does not really bother you if there are some clutters here and there with a few smudges in certain corners of your home? These factors will help you figure out the best answer.


Check your Cleaning Habits

How do you actually clean your house? Are you the routine type that does some simple vacuuming and wiping down and picking up? Or do you prefer a long, whole-day type of general cleaning? It also boils down to knowing how quickly your house gets dirty before an urgent need to clean it again.


Different Personalities, Different Cleaning Styles

Some home owners prefer deep cleaning with duration of several hours, actually an entire day to finish the chores. This includes dusting, polishing, cleaning the bathrooms, and other important areas of the house. Others are more lax and fast with their cleaning. It doesn’t really matter if the walls or tiles are not totally gleaming white as long as they are clean and dry. These are the types of cleaners that would not slave away hours just to do the chores.

Estimate the number of days that it will take between cleans based on how your cleaning habit is. The way you clean your house in a regular basis determines how often you need to clean your home.


Households with Several Occupants

More occupants in the home most probably mean more cleaners and causes to clean the house. Additional members that live in your house also determine the dynamics of your cleaning habit. Do your other household members contribute to mess or to the cleaning? Evenly divide the cleaning chores between your members so that you can determine the cleaning frequency that your house requires.


Cleaning and Renting Issues

In case you are renting the place, your cleaning obligation is usually indicated in your tenancy agreement. Check how often you need to have your flat or unit professionally cleaned or maintained. One of the most important clauses in a tenancy contract indicates that you need to hire professional cleaners to clean out the unit before moving out. This is called the End of Tenancy Cleaning.


How Much Do Cleaning Services Cost

The frequency of having your house professionally cleaned depends on the cleaning service cost and how much you can afford. Cleaning service specialists help out the chores especially for heavy-duty or quantitative cleaning demands. These cleaning companies also have their own service rates and costs. Consider the cost of the service before you think about the frequency of hiring the experts especially if budget is a huge deal.


Cleaning Schedules and Rates

How much can you afford on a monthly cleaning service? There are other schedules and packages to choose from such as weekly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Figure the ideal time when you need professional cleaners in your house based on how much you can realistically pay for. Know the different available cleaning service schedules and rates so that you can effectively maintain your household budget while keeping your house spic and span.


Putting a Price on a Sparkling Clean Home

Reliable cleaning service providers do wonders for your house. You have mopped floors, smudge-free windows, dusted shelves, made beds, clean carpets, and more. The best part is that you have all these without even lifting a finger. How much does a cleaning service cost today?



The per-hour weekly rates usually start from $10 per hour weekly to much higher rates for per hour fortnightly schedules. Some service providers have policies such as the minimum number of hours required per cleaning session. They also charge additional fees for areas with difficult transportation access.



Commercial cleaning is oftentimes much higher compared to residential rates. Offices and businesses that outsource their cleaning services usually choose different schedules from daily to weekly to monthly frequencies. Some companies charge $15 per hour while others have lower or higher rates, depending on the services requested. Cleaning companies offer customized packages to cater to the different demands of clients.



Rates vary according to the type of unit that requested the cleaning service. Studio flats and apartments usually start with $95 rates while there is a much higher charge for one-bedroom properties to multiple bedroom houses. The usual rates would range from approximately $200 and higher. Standard size properties have cheaper rates compared to more complex and bigger estates.



The minimum hours for spring cleaning services usually range between 8 and 24 hours. Approximate rates range from $100 to $500 and even higher. Service rates usually vary if you requested for standard clean or deep cleaning. There are also packages that you could customize depending on the cleaning needs of a particular room or area in the house.


What to expect in professional cleaning services?

Different types of house cleaning services are designed to cater to specific needs and demands of the client. Standard and deep cleaning vary in terms of the scope of work and the number of hours spent to complete the cleaning process. Every salient spot in your home is dusted, wiped clean, vacuumed, and arranged based on your request. There may be additional charges applicable for cleaning high shelves or ceilings, refrigerators, ovens, fireplaces, and windows. Discuss this important variable with the service provider before signing on the dotted lines.


Signs that your Home Needs Cleaning

Some salient indicators show you that your house requires immediate and thorough cleaning. Most importantly, these signs may or may not call for professional cleaning companies to your aid. How do you know that it is time? Here are some of the factors to consider:


Excessive Dust Buildup

When you run your fingers on the surface of the furniture and you see inches of dust formation and buildup, it is high time to call for professional cleaners. Dust aggravates respiratory problems as well as allergic reactions. These are pollutants and allergens that could drastically affect your health and breathing when not properly and promptly addressed. Hiring professional cleaners also save you from inhaling dusts during the cleaning process. Unless you have the proper safety gears and protection and heaps of cleaning tools, better leave the messy job to the experts.


Pet Hair and Dander

Households with pets are most prone to allergens and pollutants, not to mention spots and stains on the carpet. It is time to call in the experts in house cleaning if the pet hair and dander is overwhelming. Pet hair sticks in the carpet pile, on the furniture, the stairways, and practically around the house. Sometimes it is no longer helpful to have your carpets vacuumed or spot cleaned. Hire professional house cleaners and carpet cleaning specialists to deal with pet hair and dander.


Food Particles and Crumbs

More serious problems such as pest infestation, allergies, and property damage start with a single crumb or two. In most cases, you don’t give attention to food crumbs that fall on the floor or carpet. However, when these food particles are accumulated, they become property hazards. Vermin such as rats, ants, and cockroaches are attracted to food crumbs. These are like magnets to them. If you don’t want to see rodents and roaches running and flying around in your home, it’s high time you call in the cleaning pros.


Cobwebs Anywhere

Cobwebs are only cool during Halloween. These are signs that you have fully neglected your house and skipped cleaning for a longer period of time. Cobwebs form over time that’s why their appearance in the house tells you to hire professional cleaners for a thorough service. These creepy spider webs usually appear on the ceilings, the bases of your furniture, the ceiling fans, wall corners, and other areas. They are dead giveaways to the lack of cleaning in your house. They also become eye sores that could affect the value, aesthetics, and quality of your home.


Floor Markings

Drink spills, sneaker marks, mud, and food stains are just few o the marks that usually damage the looks and condition of your floor. These would even become grosser and messier if you have carpets on your flooring. Dirty carpets are downright bad indicators and proofs that your house needs cleaning right away. Call a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of soiled and smelly carpets. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the top cleaning methods used to revive and restore your carpet to its best condition.


  • Top Health Benefits of a Clean House

The upsides of keeping a clean and healthy house are overflowing. Even if the chore seems endless and becomes more daunting every time, cleaning the house is a necessity, not an option. There are various physical, mental, and emotional boosters in connection with a spotless, organized, and healthy home.


Clean Homes and Lesser Allergies

Cleaning gets rid of the dusts and dirt that accumulate inside the house. These particles eventually get diffused in the air which you will inhale or ingest in the long haul. Regular dusting and cleaning reduces dust and dirt buildup. It also gets rid of other irritating allergens that aggravate allergic reactions. Vacuuming is one of the most vital parts of cleaning the house particularly in getting rid of dust. It also disposes dust mites, pet hair, and pet dander. Other allergens that cause flu-like or cold symptoms are likewise eliminated.  You enjoy a home without allergies that cause more serious respiratory problems.


Clean Homes and Mold Reduction

House cleaning eradicates one of the most harmful problems in your home which is mold and mildew. Regular professional house cleaning helps detect mold growth and formation. Experts utilize diagnostic measures in order to troubleshoot your home and identify the presence of dangerous molds. Black molds for instance wreck havoc on your health and are mostly fatal. Asthma attacks, allergic reactions, cold and flu, and other severe ailments are possible results of mold growth. Cleaning your house gets rid of molds and prevents them from coming back.


Clean Homes and Sanitation

Professional house cleaning boosts your hygiene. Cleaning experts utilize numerous methods such as disinfecting the house. Disinfectants eliminate viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms that put your health in jeopardy. Powerful green cleaning solutions are formulated to target germs and bad bacteria such as staph, e.coli, and salmonella. These are food-borne bacteria that cause infections and diseases. Cleaning and sanitizing the house particularly surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen protects you from the dangers of bacteria.


Clean Homes and Stress-Free Living

Cleaning the house and seeing the gleaming fruits of your labor have direct connection to having a stress-free disposition. It relieves stress and effectively prevents any stress-related drawbacks on your health. You can find your stuffs easier if your house is spic and span. Organized homes are great to look at, boosting the ambiance and aesthetics of your surroundings. Clean and healthy homes keep you worry-free when you have guests and worry-free because you have a robust health.


Clean Homes and Lower Injuries

Clutter inside the house is the main cause of physical injury. In most cases, people slip, fall, and injure themselves due to large piles of unorganized stuffs and boxes. Keeping your house clean and tidy keeps you away from harm. There are no toys or loose items on the floor, the table, the chairs, and other areas in your home. You can easily stack your boxes on top of the other for secure storage. You can also put away your excess stuffs in your spare room or garage to free up your space. Professional house cleaners usually include this service in their work load, depending on the agreed upon requests.


Why Hire Professional House Cleaners

Most people think house cleaning is a simple, DIY task. You can do it on your own if you are aiming for a simple cleaning chore. However, for deep cleaning a large and wide area, professional house cleaning is apparently the best choice. Professional house cleaning spells a world of difference in so many levels. These are the reasons why:


Insured and Bonded

Reputable house cleaning companies prioritize the protection and safety of their customers. They carry several insurance types such as workman’s coverage and liability.


Licensed and Affiliated

Not all professional cleaning companies have proof of license or are affiliated with industry approved associations. Thus, it is your primary obligation to ask for proof of license and certification before you make any further transactions with the company. Members of reputable industry organizations comply with quality standards to maintain their affiliation.


Modern and Safe Cleaning Methods

Trusted house cleaning service providers offer secured and advanced cleaning techniques. They use the latest cleaning tools and equipment. Most certified cleaning specialists also promote green cleaning products and methods that are safe to the environment.


Quality Customized Services

Hire a cleaning company if you want seamless and spotless results. Moreover, you can choose the type of cleaning services you need based on your preferences and budget. These tailored packages cover several areas or add more services depending on your request.


Trained Cleaning Professionals

House cleaning specialists have teams and crews of trained and courteous house cleaners. These staffs have keen attention to detail, meticulous, and end-result orientation. You enjoy 100% peace of mind even when you are not around during their scheduled service. That’s because cleaning companies conduct background check on their employees before hiring them.


Flexible Cleaning Schedule

Hiring professional cleaners need not stress you out with the time that they perform their services. You can pick any time of the day or night. Most cleaning companies offer extended cleaning service hours, even during weekends. Those requests that are after business hours would usually have higher rates than the standard pricing.

The frequency of the house cleaning service determines how spic and span and spotless your house will remain for a certain period. Take note of the different factors that influence the soundness of cleaning your home or hiring the pros to do the dirty job. Call a house cleaning specialist today for more details.