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10 Office Cleaning Tips: You’ll Never Again Have Dirty Workplace

Offices are venues where business operations and employee productivity take place. Workplaces reflect the quality and standard of business you have. Thus, office cleaning is a must at all cost. Office cleaning tips and methods facilitate your task and make it faster and more efficient. This important task takes place in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Regardless of the frequency of cleaning your office, the salient thing is that you keep your workspace and entire business area spic and span.


Clean Office is More than Professional Image

Maintain the clean and organized office space in order to enjoy the numerous perks of immaculate and systematic working environment. Office cleaning is a regular routine but it is also a major project especially if you hire professional office cleaning specialists for a workspace overhaul. Here are some of the top reasons why cleaner and organized workspaces boost your business productivity and growth:

  • They make a remarkable first impression.

Office environments welcome your customers or prospective clients. The enter your to make transactions. Office spaces help you establish trust and confidence with your clientele through first impression. Your business quality, attention to detail, communication efficiency, and other assets only come second. Customers get a good idea about your business or service the moment they enter the office.

Litter in the hallway or parking lot, smudges and dirt on the door glass, dirty and smelly bathrooms, and cluttered reception areas make bad impressions. They reflect the sloppiness of the administration and an overall lack of professionalism. Dirty offices simply turn customers away.


  • They keep your employees healthy and happy.

The overall ambiance in your office reflects the state and condition of your employees and other occupants in the building as well. Clean offices have no or minimal germs and bacteria. That means you have healthier employees that do not get sick. Healthier and happier employees mean lesser sick days and fewer cases of illnesses throughout the department. This kind of environment boosts not just their morale. It also influences their productivity in their work, thus resulting to business growth and profit.


  • They promote physical safety and protection.

Organized offices have no clutters and litters anywhere. Office environments stay safe without slipper or sticky floors. There are no disorganized stuffs that pose threats or physical hazards. No physical hazards means there are no minor or serious injuries among workers and customers. It also means avoiding worker’s compensation claims and lawsuits. Employees and customers stay safe and protected within the office premises.


  • They elevate your brand.

Spic and span and spotless office areas reflect the overall quality of your brand. Customers assume that you have superior products and services based on how you handle your workspaces. Clean business environment is basically a vital feature of specific businesses such as food and beverage, selling furniture, and even tax preparation. Customers judge the quality and value of your products and services according to the looks and feels of your office.


Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips

Now that you have seen how a clean office boosts your business, it is high time you learn the fundamentals of office cleaning. Regularly and religiously follow these techniques to say goodbye to dirty and cluttered offices for good.


1. Organize your Office Paperwork

Paperwork is one of the many office staples that are like double-edged swords. These documents are vital for your business but they can also become hazards. It all depends on how you handle your paperwork. Take a good and closer look around your office. When heaps of paperwork are piling up, it becomes an instant eye sore. It is however easy to fix if you know the effective organization techniques.

Use filing cabinets, desk trays, and wall pockets. The secret to hassle-free and well-organized paperwork is proper storage. Organize, categorize, and label your paperwork. Most importantly, discard all documents that are not longer of any importance to you. The lesser paperwork you have, the lesser storage space you need. Hoarding is a no-no in office cleaning and organizing.


2. Keep Public Areas Clean – All the Time

Public or common areas such as the lobby are like the mirrors of your building. The lobby is the first place of entry, the place that gives your office either a good or bad impression. It all depends on how your office looks. Other common areas include hallways, elevators, stairs, and the likes. Keep the area nice, tidy, welcoming, and professional at the same time. Weekly dusting is a necessity as well as cleaning everything in the area. This includes wiping clean all electronics and cables, furniture pieces, and all the stuffs in the public areas.


Sofa Cleaning

Most public areas have sofas and similar furniture pieces designated for customers. Clean the seating area and keep it stain and dust free. Regular dusters and clean rags usually do the job with regular cleaning. However, it is also important to have a scheduled upholstery cleaning service in order to get rid of embedded or deep seated dirt and dust. You can delegate this task to your employees or outsource the sofa cleaning task to the pros. Professional upholstery cleaning companies have the training, products, and machines to do the job with efficiency and speed.


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets are extremely common features in offices or business establishments. Dirty carpets are not just eye sores. These foot cushions are also sources of allergens and pollutants when not regularly cleaned. Thus, offices need to vacuum their carpets especially in public areas in a regular basis. For deep cleaning carpet treatments, steam cleaning or hot water extraction is highly recommended.


Steam cleaning or hot water extraction, as the name implies, uses hot water in order to dislodge the embedded dirt and absorbent bonding stains. A machine injects the hot water and cleaning solution into the carpet fiber with high pressure. After an allocated number of minutes, the water and chemical residue is vacuumed out of the carpet pile. This carpet cleaning method is highly recommended due to its powerful deep cleaning results. New technology also speeds up the drying period so that carpet is accessible and usable after several hours.


3. Maintain Cleanliness in Working Areas

The office floor or working areas are where all the work and operations take place among employees. Just as common public areas need to stay clean and organized at all times, workspaces must also have the same cleanliness. Dusting is important as well as commercial carpet cleaning. Cables, electronics, computers, cabinets, tables, chairs, and all other essential items in the place must be dust free. A clutter-free workspace keeps your mind organized and working.

Get rid of dusts and prevent them from coming back right away. There are different products available such as dust-repellent sprays. Spray it on furniture surfaces and others at least twice a week in order to enjoy a spotless and healthy office area.


4. Disinfect the Bathrooms – Keep it Dry and Clean

Bathrooms are essential areas in all offices and workplaces. A clean bathroom is a great boost especially for businesses. Bathrooms are busy venues in all types of locations. This area also receives one of the heaviest foot traffics in the office or business establishment. The bathroom needs to be disinfected every now and then. Clean bathrooms also create a healthier ambiance for workers and employees in the office.


Healthy environments with healthy employees do not disrupt your productivity and operations due to fewer sick leaves or contagious illnesses inside the office. Bathroom disinfectants are chemicals with powerful formulations. Thus, it is best to hire professional office cleaning companies for the job. It also saves you a lot of worries and time when you outsource vital cleaning jobs.


5. Regularly Take the Rubbish Out

One of the most important routines for all offices and businesses is the task of taking the rubbish out. Garbage is produced every waking day. You may have crumpled papers, plastic wrappers, and other rubbishes inside the office or business. Take note that office cleaning is not complete without cleaning the trash. Trash bins should be available in different areas of the office, particularly populated or circulated ones.

Rubbish is taken out every out every day or every other day, depending on the quantity of the trash. The important thing is that the bin is not overflowing or the trash is not accumulated for a long period of time. Delegate an employee for the job or they can take turns. Professional office cleaning staffs also include that in their work load. Thus, if you want to have your rubbish regularly taken out, you can also schedule a regular office cleaning service.


6. Clean and Organize the Break Room

Clean up essential areas that are common for all employees such as the office’s pantry or break room. Tidy up this area and do the cleaning as regular as possible. Dust the surfaces and organize glassware, plates, utensils, and other stuffs inside the room. It is also important to get rid of the crumbs and other leftovers that could attract insects, cockroaches, and other vermin.

The best office cleaning specialists have staffs that take care of the pantry or break room. They have organized and systematic cleaning services that dust and wipe the area, making it conducive to rest or take your snacks. Cleaner break rooms ensure healthier working environments. In most cases, office cleaners also apply disinfectants and deodorizers to get rid of foul smell and other odor from food and the likes.


7. Always Maintain a Spotless and Clean Kitchen

Most offices that have kitchen areas are quite convenient to the employees. However, this venue also puts your workplace at risk especially when the kitchen is not regularly cleaned and maintained. The office kitchen is prone to pest infestation if it is dirty for a long period of time. This poorly reflects your office and the state of your employees drastically goes down with unsanitary kitchens.

Take special care in cleaning the kitchen. The food should all be properly stored in cabinets, cupboards, or jars. Put food that are easily spoiled inside the refrigerator. Clean the refrigerator often and make sure that the contents are not older than a week or shorter. Everything inside the kitchen must be dusted and wiped including the kitchenware, tables, chairs, and the likes. Clean the electronic appliances. Wipe clean the microwave and wash the microwave plate. The sink and table must also be cleaned on a daily or regular basis.


8. Clean the Rest Quarters Like Your Own

Contemporary offices now have their own sleeping or nap quarters for the employees. Consider this venue just like your very own bedroom. Everything must be cleaned, wiped, and dusted in order to avoid dirt accumulation. It must also be organized and the beds, couches, or bunks neatly made. Take note that the room must also be well-sanitized and deodorized to keep it conducive for rest and sleep.


Commercial Curtain Cleaning

Curtains, drapes, and window blind are most prone to dust and dirt buildup. Thus, they should be on top of your list when looking for the best office cleaning services. Most rest and sleeping quarters in commercial buildings have curtains and drapes to keep the sunshine out and the place conducive to rest. Keep these curtains clean through regularly dusting them or interim replacement.

One of the best ways to keep the curtains in your office clean is through hiring professional office cleaners. These cleaning specialists utilize meticulous and thorough cleaning methods to guarantee seamless and spotless results. You can schedule a weekly, monthly, or quarterly office cleaning service, depending on the needs of your office or business.


Commercial Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery and mattress cleaning is essential for healthier and cleaner working environments. Hire a professional office cleaning company with specialization in this particular cleaning niche. Vacuuming the mattress and upholstered furniture is not enough if you want deep cleaning. Most service providers offer other methods such as steam cleaning or dry cleaning. The key is to know the manufacturer’s instruction as to what the best cleaning method is for your mattress or upholstery.


9. Wipe Clean the Office Electronics

Electronics and appliances inside the office are susceptible to dust and dirt buildup. In fact, there is an unseen affinity between dust and your electronic devices. Notice those dust and dirt in your PC keyboard and other hard to reach areas in your appliances? These are not just eye sores. They also cause respiratory problems as well as other airborne ailments when they get in the air and diffused in the air you inhale.


Use dusters or clean cloth to wipe clean the devices and appliances. Include dusting and cleaning the wires and cables as well. Clean the PC, laptop, and screen using a soft dry rug. As to the telephone or intercom, clean the surfaces and mouthpiece with dry cloth. Don’t forget to use a disinfectant to be sure. A lot of germs build up especially in the telephone receive. Regularly clean the telephone especially the ones that everybody is using or has access to. Professional office cleaners include all electronics and appliances in their work load, unless the client clearly stated otherwise.


10. Organize Messy Desks and Conference Rooms

The desk and conference room become major sources of mess and clutter in the office. Employees clean their own desks in their respective cubicles. That’s because some people have their preferences and system in using their desk. Others want them neat and clean while others work better even in messy conditions. Just make sure that the desks in common areas or those that the public have access to are clean and neat.

Install hand cleaning gel and tissues on the desk for easy access. Employees should also be given access to cleaning tools so that they can keep their working space germ-free, neat, and clean at all times. In most cases, office cleaning staffs thoroughly wipe clean and help organize messy desks and clutters. They also clean the desks and vacuum conference rooms and other areas where you conduct your meeting.


Important Pointers in Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

Outsourcing an office cleaning staff is important to maintain the clean and health ambiance in your working environment. Here are some of the tips to remember when hiring an office cleaning specialist:

  • Ask for the proof of license and insurance from the cleaning company.
  • Choose a cleaning company with modern facilities, equipment, and cleaning methods.
  • Go for companies that offer the most flexible cleaning schedules and competitive service rates.
  • Compare one cleaning company with another before you make any final decisions.
  • Get available references so that you can ask around for recommendation or feedback from their previous clients.

Office cleaning services are essential for any company or business. It boosts your professional image, keeps your employees healthy and happy, and eventually contributes to growth and expansion. Create a regular cleaning routine in the workplace or hire the best office cleaning company for hassle-free quality results.