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Carpet Cleaning Errors that Will Make your Carpet Scream

Carpet care is essential for the maintenance of the carpet’s quality and looks. However, common carpet cleaning errors result to wear and tear that destroys the overall value of your rug. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is one of the best ways maintain and ensure the quality of your carpet for a long period of time. Take note that what you think is clean enough may potentially have more underlying issues that ruin your carpet in no time. Carpets are lucrative and oftentimes expensive investments. Make sure you handle your carpet with utmost care to protect your precious rug.


Avoid these Carpet Cleaning Errors at All Cost

You want to lengthen the lifespan of your carpet, that’s normal for an owner. However, you fail to realize that there are certain practices and misconceptions that result otherwise. How do you exactly shield your carpet from the damaging effects of these common carpet cleaning errors?


Check out some of the mistakes to avoid no matter what:


  1. Not Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

The notion of hiring carpet cleaning specialists scares some people off. This is a common misconception that must be corrected. Professional carpet cleaners are affordable. The general perception implies that hiring the pros increases your expenses for professional fee. Wrong. Carpet cleaning companies offer cost effective cleaning packages for different budget ranges. For instance, there are package deals for residential settings and matching services for huge commercial carpet cleaning projects. Reputable carpet cleaners customize their services and service costs depending on the type of project they handle.


  1. Complacency to Address the Issue

Most carpet owners make the mistake of not addressing the problem right away. Take action once you see a spot or stain on the rug surface. Not cleaning the carpet immediately allows the dirt or stain to further attach into the fiber. The liquid will immediately absorb into the carpet fibers and dry out. Dried stains or spills are doubly difficult to get rid of. The first thing you need to do is to call the experts. Do not touch the spot on the carpet especially if you have no idea how to do it the right way. Administering first aid on your rug without proper knowledge and equipment may cause more harm than good. Wait for the carpet specialist to arrive and provide all the necessary information they need to get the work down, hassle-free.


  1. Ignoring the Importance of Test Patches

The significance of making test patches is to prevent damaging the entire carpet with the wrong cleaning products. Some carpet owners go ahead and use certain cleaning chemicals that are oftentimes not compatible or recommended for their carpet type. Take note that some carpet cleaning products are much harsher than others. The type of carpet determines the ideal cleaning solution to use. Test patches prevent you from increasing your workload and worries. Take the time to learn the basics of making test patches. The purpose of this is to remove the stains with products that you are not that sure would work. Try it first before going heads on. Put the test patch on a particular piece of furniture and see what happens. The surest way to protect your carpet is to follow the instructions from the carpet manufacturer.


  1. Using the Wrong Carpet Cleaning Products

The carpet cleaning market overflows with a plethora of cleaning products. Choosing the right chemical product for your carpet is one of the most challenging parts of being a carpet owner. Why bother with this daunting task if you can delegate the work to the pros? Know the type of carpet you have, its manufacture, materials used, and other important factors. These factors determine the most ideal and safest cleaning products to use. You also need to know the types of stains you are dealing with. There is a particular carpet cleaning formulation that works for different types of spots and stains. Avoid chemical solutions that have harsh ingredients such as bleach. These overpowering formulations discolor the carpet and results to more damaging effects.


  1. Weekly Cleaning is Equally Damaging

Cleaning your carpet is the key to keeping its overall aesthetic and quality. The problem lies when you overdo the cleaning part. Engaging in frequent cleaning of your carpet eventually leads to fading. The wear and tear effects are quite inevitable especially if you do not know what you are doing in the first place. The best way to avoid this is to consult the carpet cleaning experts. Carpet fibers are delicate especially with more expensive varieties. It takes utmost care and handling of the rug particularly during the care and maintenance process. The carpet specialist tells you the ideal schedule for the cleaning to take place. You can also check with the original care and maintenance instructions of the carpet manufacturer. Most rugs come with the recommendation whether you need them cleaned in a once a year or multiple times per year basis.


  1. One Carpet Cleaning Method Applies to All

This is one of the most dangerous notions in carpet care and maintenance. Not all carpets are created equal. Different types of carpet require a corresponding cleaning solution. Cleaning methods for Persian rugs may not necessarily work on Turkish and Asian rugs and vice versa. Extensive knowledge about your carpet type basically helps. For 100% assurance, it is always safe and easy to consult a carpet cleaning specialist. Most reputable carpet cleaners offer free consultation to potential customers. Search the Internet for companies where you can inquire and get more information regarding the ideal carpet cleaning treatment for your unique rug.


  1. DIY Carpet Care is a Piece of Cake

The notion is deadly wrong. Carpet cleaning is in fact not a do-it-yourself type of task. It takes a lot of knowledge, training, advanced equipment, ideal cleaning products, and appropriate gears to get the task done. Safety is one of the main issues with DIY carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners are fully geared and fully equipped for the job. Do not consider DIY projects if you lack all the resources for a successful and safe carpet cleaning. Proceed to carpet care and maintenance on your own only if you have sufficient knowledge and experience to do the task. You might end up damaging your precious rug instead of getting rid of the dirt and stain which is your primary purpose in the first place. Thus, think again because DIY task is not that easy and money-saving as you initially think it is.


  1. Vacuuming the Carpet Solves the Problem

One of the carpet cleaning errors for most first-time carpet owner is thinking that vacuuming is enough. It definitely is not. Stubborn stains and deeply embedded dirt get attached to the carpet fiber especially when left unattended for a long period of time. Vacuuming does not have the mechanism to dislodge and eventually get rid of the accumulated dirt and stain. More extensive carpet care methods are available for seamlessly cleaner results. Hot water extraction, steam, and dry carpet cleaning are just few of the methods used for better outcomes. These methods utilize extensive cleaning processes such as using high water temperature and pressure and injecting it into the carpet fiber. Vacuuming could not dissolve oil and absorbent bonds but other methods can.


  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning is Time Consuming

Carpet owners think that it is impractical to hire a carpet cleaner if they don’t have the luxury of time to wait around. The truth is there is no long wait with modern carpet cleaning methods. The treatment takes a short time to complete. Most importantly, the drying time is equally time friendly. Methods such as dry carpet cleaning utilize minimal or no water for the process. This means you only need a few hours to have your rug all dried up and ready to use. Even hot water extraction or steam cleaning method is not time consuming as you think it might be. With the right method and equipment, you get immaculately cleaner rugs in no time.


  1. Using Deodorizing Powder for Stain Removal

As the name implies, deodorizing powder works to get rid of the smell and odor in the rug. Do not believe even if the product says it contains powerful chemicals to remove stains. Most carpet cleaning products are misleading to say the least. Make sure you choose reputable and tested carpet cleaners with industry approved formulations. Moreover, sparingly use deodorizing powders and not as frequent as you like. Deodorizing powders are classified as general cleaners. They work to remove potent aromas or odor in the carpet fibers. Extensively vacuum the powder upon application so that it does not embed into the carpet. Most chemicals attract dirt and bonding agents of stains when left in the fibers. This results to damaged fibers that are not good to look at.


Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Perks

Avoid carpet cleaning errors and see how the right methods make a huge difference on your rug. The importance of carpet care and maintenance is a no-brainer. Residential and commercial carpets are significant investments. For businesses and workplaces, carpets offer overall facility image and makes monetary sense as well. Residential carpets are remarkable foot cushions that offer warmth, elegance, and even protection. Carpets are expensive decorative and functional features. Thus, it requires the best cleaning and maintenance solutions to protect your investment for a long time.

Hire a carpet cleaning specialist for top quality cleaning and maintenance programs. These carpet experts help you avoid the damaging and costly effects of common carpet cleaning errors. Check out the perks of entrusting the task to the pros:


Comfort and Productivity

Proper carpet care and maintenance directly contributes to convenience and productivity. Imagine dealing with a dirty carpet every day? That gives you a lot of stress and discomfort. Cleaner carpets elevate your sense of ease and hygiene. Cleaner offices with dirt-free carpets experience more productivity and better operations. Dirty carpets are eye sores that affect every occupant in the area. Cleaner carpets on the other hand boost the professional image of a commercial establishment that have high potentials of converting to growth.


Environmental Protection

The dirt and stain embedded in the carpet fiber are forms of pollutants and allergens. These elements affect the air and the environment as a whole. Getting rid of these environmental hazards and wastes contribute to the protection of the surrounding. That’s why most healthcare facilities require regular cleaning of carpets especially those located in areas with high foot traffic.


Health Boost and Sanitation

Needless to say, clean carpets elevate the sense of wellbeing as well as promote good health. Spoiled and dirty carpets on the other hand are common culprits that trigger respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies. It is easy to avoid these problems, starting with a regular care and maintenance program for heavy-duty rugs. Professional carpet cleaners have the right machines, equipment, gears, and training to do the task with guaranteed success.


Reduce Rate of Depreciation

It is not just the value and quality of the rug you are aiming for. Carpet cleaning and maintenance also protects the overall market value of the property. Carpets are integral parts of your home or business. They provide aesthetic value to the premises and have functional purposes as well. Properties with high market value reflect immaculately clean and spotless surroundings from the ground up. Start revamping the place and boost the overall market value of your property through clean, healthy, and attractive carpets.


Top Carpet Cleaning Performance from the Pros

Carpet cleaning errors are inevitable especially without the help of professional cleaners. Thus, your main protection from carpet damaging mistakes is to hire the specialists. Do not settle for anything less. What exactly does professional carpet cleaning means?


Here are some of the fundamental methods that carpet cleaners utilize for quality results:


  • Troubleshooting Problem Areas

Professional carpet cleaning companies follow their own unique methods of getting rid of the problem in your carpet. They generally do troubleshooting first in order to identify, locate, and determine the issue at hand. Proper and comprehensive troubleshooting is ideal to ensure the right and most effective method for carpet care and maintenance. Accurate diagnosis of the problem leads to using the method that efficiently works. It is the first tool used to contain, remove, and properly dislodge the embedded dirt and stain within the carpet fibers. According to expert carpet cleaning principles, reducing the exposure of the carpet from unwanted materials also reduce the probability of any adverse effects on the rug.


  • Determine the Accurate Cleaning Treatment

The result of the troubleshooting process determines the type of carpet cleaning method that works for your rug. There are various carpet care treatments available such as hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning, among others. Different methods utilize varied equipment, cleaning solutions, and procedures. They have corresponding powerful effects on the carpet, depending on the level of difficulty to remove the dirt and embedded stain. There is no one carpet cleaning method that works for all types of carpet and dirt and stain.


  • Proper Use of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Professional carpet cleaners have the appropriate and advanced equipment for the cleaning procedure. There are industry grade carpet cleaners, vacuums, and other highly powered machines for more aggressive treatments. Carpets that are located in heavy traffic areas need strong chemicals and cleaning solutions. Carpet cleaning specialists have the proper knowledge and training to provide positive results. Soil buildup and stubborn stains are dislodged and removed in no time. However, only trained and licensed technicians are allowed to utilize these machines for safe and effective results.


  • Consistent Carpet Care Programs

Carpet care and maintenance follow a specially formulated program that guarantees outstanding results. Carpet cleaning programs emphasize the importance of effective cleaning systems that are geared toward maximum restorative cleaning, safety, ease of use, and minimum residue. These programs highlight cost effective planning, strategy, and schedule. The maintenance treatment is also inclusive of the periodic inspection and monitoring, management review, and assessment of the utilized cleaning program. This is part of the maintenance feature of the carpet cleaning treatment.


Who to Hire?

Carpet cleaners specialize in all types of cleaning treatments and methods. They are the authority in carpet care and maintenance and help you avoid the most common carpet cleaning errors. The right people for the job are licensed, insured, and with high customer approval and rating. Never settle for anything less. The best carpet cleaners have years of offering untarnished services to their clientele in both residential and commercial settings. Choose a carpet cleaner that customize their package to cater to your needs and budget.


Carpet cleaning errors make your life more difficult than it actually is while dealing with dirty and nasty carpets. These common mistakes make the problem worse instead of providing solutions. Avoid the hazards and damages of carpet cleaning mistakes through consulting the experts and hiring them for the job. Contact a carpet cleaning specialist today!