Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Do you Know the Latest Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Effective carpet cleaning techniques maximize your carpet investment through keeping the looks and overall quality of your rug. The implementation of an effective carpet maintenance and care program is the first step to protecting your carpet. Comprehensive maintenance program also extends the performance, life, and appearance of the rug. Professional carpet cleaners basically master time-tested techniques as well as have updates on the newest rug cleaning methods available today.


Preventive Maintenance Comes First

Keeping the dirt out is one of the most important things that you need to know about carpet care fundamentals. Preventive maintenance is an often overlooked yet essentially important part of any carpet maintenance program. The process prevents any soil and dirt from being deposited and accumulated into the carpet pile. Proper and adequate walk-off systems protect carpets in sources of soil and all entrances.


What are walk-off systems?

Walk-off systems are protective measures to keep the dirt out of the carpet fibers. Proper walk-off materials scrape and hold large quantity of dry soil and absorb oil-based or water-based moisture. Preventive carpet maintenance separates the rug for soil containment. Walk-off materials trap up to 80% of the moisture and soil which could buildup into the facility.


Daily Vacuuming

Vacuuming the carpet in a day to day basis is an effective way to make walk-off materials work. Professional carpet cleaners also vacuum walk-off materials, your first-line of defense against soil accumulation. Vacuuming makes the walk-off material work, keeping its ability for soil prevention and eventually protecting your carpet.

Proper vacuuming is on top of any maintenance programs available to ensure effective carpet cleaning. You can also invest on a commercial grade vacuum, particularly those with in the Seal of Approval list of the Carpet and Rug Institute. These vacuums are laboratory tested and certified. The units met the minimum standards for quality cleaning efficiency.


Proven Carpet Cleaning Technique #1: Proper Vacuuming

Planned and routine intervals of vacuuming prevent soil accumulation on all types of carpet rugs. Identify low, medium, and high traffic areas as a starter. Monitor these areas in a regular basis in case there are changes in the carpet performance. Adjust the maintenance schedule if necessary. Carpets trap and hold up dirt before it actually shows. Therefore you need regular or routine carpet maintenance even if the carpet does not appear dirty. Vacuuming removes soiling and keeps it in top shape and condition for years.


Vacuuming Tips

Proper vacuuming spells a world of difference in the overall quality result of your carpet cleaning task. Here are some of the approved vacuuming methods from the experts:

  • Maximize your vacuuming efficiency through vacuuming with deliberate and slow passes in width and length.
  • Pass back and forth multiple times in heavy traffic areas. Repetitive vacuuming in these areas sufficiently extracts deep seated and embedded soil.
  • Agitate the carpet for better soil removal through using a brush roller vacuum.
  • Make slow vacuuming movements in order to allow air circulation time through the carpet’s face yarn. The method also results to better soil extraction.


Industry Grade Vacuum Recommendation

Routine vacuuming with the best equipment offers remarkable results. These are some of the features of highly recommended vacuum models:


  • Dual Motor Vacuums

Choose an upright vacuum with dual motor features, highly efficient filtration system, and brush roller. This model works for heavy duty vacuuming needs. The dual motor also functions for the suction and brush roller operations.


  • Wide-Area Vacuums

This type of vacuum offers wider and better coverage. It is ideal for wide open areas and large corridors. Most of these industry grade vacuums are used for industrial and commercial carpet cleaning projects.


  • Canister Vacuums

Portable and handy backpack or canister vacuums work best for certain vacuuming needs. It is an ideal choice for lightweight carpet cleaning tasks. The vacuum is also a good option for vacuuming carpets on the stairs.


Proven Carpet Cleaning Technique #2: Spot Cleaning

Time is of the essence when dealing with spills and stains on your carpet. The best time to do spot cleaning is when you see the stain on your rug. Don’t waste time and do it pronto. The carpet cleaning techniques for spot removal mainly depends on the type of spill you are dealing with.


Take a look at these stain types and the matching spot cleaning methods to use:


Dry Stains

Scoop up or scrape the spill immediately. Use a highly powered vacuum cleaner to remove the excess material. Scrape dried soil using an extractor or the blunt edge of the spoon. In dealing with spots, always start from the outer edges toward the center. It avoids spreading the stain to other nearby areas.


Wet Stains

Dampen the affected area using clean cold water. Blot the spot with a white towel, preferably made from cotton. Blotting is the only best solution, not scrubbing as it tends to spread the stain or damage the carpet fiber. Blot through pressing the cloth downward. Do not scrub in circular motion since it spreads the stain. Remove excess moisture through wringing out the towel, then blot again. When the spot is lifted, place stacks of white clean towels over the affected area. Use a weight in order to firmly press towel against the affected area. Do this overnight for better cleaning results.


Use Carpet Spot Remover

The type of spot determines the technique you should use for spot cleaning. However in most cases, using an appropriate spot remover is the key to quality results. Apply an absorbent spot remover solution and continue blotting the area until the spot is removed. For safety purposes and to protect your carpet warranty, make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommendation before trying out any spot removal products.

Remove the remaining chemical residues as these also attract dirt and other pollutants. Use a clean white cloth to remove the residues through further blotting. Rinse the surface with clean water and repeat blotting the carpet to dry it out.


Recommended Cleaning Agents

The latest carpet cleaning solutions are formulated with powerful ingredients in order to effectively dislodge dirt or stain. However, these formulations may also have adverse effects on your health without proper safety gears. Thus, make sure you properly and completely read and understood the instructions before using. There are also green and eco-friendly products that are not harmful to your health. For those who want to be 100% sure of their safety and the quality of the results, the best option is to hire carpet cleaning specialists.


More Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Experts do troubleshooting first before proceeding to the carpet cleaning methods to use. This is the first step to knowing the most effective carpet care and treatment. There are several diagnostics methods used in order to know if your carpet requires immediate cleaning or otherwise. Diagnose your carpet for stains due to water leaks, air leaks, foot traffic, pets, mold growth, and thermal tracking.


Inspect your Carpet for Stains and Marks

Most carpet markings a due to soiling that results to foot traffic. You need to inspect your carpet for other damaging factors such as spilled foods and beverages, pet urine, poop, oil, and dirt, thermal tracking, dust deposition and shading due to sunlight exposure.


Carpets and Mold Stains

Molds are the most dangerous pollutants in carpets, especially the black ones that are poisonous and deadly. Carpet stains in black, brown, yellow, and grain that could possibly come from water leaks are highly due to molds. Mold growth in carpet not only destroys your rug’s aesthetics and quality. It is also hazardous to your health.

The best way to avoid life-threatening risks is through hiring professional carpet cleaners for the inspection as well as the cleaning process itself. There is no other way to do it with safety and efficiency.


Carpet Shampoo Method

The theory in this method is to sufficiently generate foams in the carpet, allowing the foams to dry and attract the soil through the resulting residue. The residue and accumulated soil are then vacuumed up the following day. The usual carpet shampoo products have high foam levels in order to reduce wetting. There are others that have stable foam while some have high lubricity to reduce the damage especially to the fibers due to the brushes. Other shampoos are dry to non-sticky.


Carpet Dry Cleaning Method

Professional carpet cleaning specialist uses this method where there is virtually no water used during the treatment. Absorbent and dry compound that contains minimal amounts of water, solvent, and detergent is the main cleaning agent for this method. The cleaners sprinkle the compound over the carpet or inject the solution with the use of a machine. The absorbent agent attracts and absorbs the soil. A brush mechanically agitates the affected area in order to dislodge the soil or dirt.

The carpet is comprehensively vacuumed before and after the process. In most cases, the absorbent cleaner is commonly organic. However, some may have other ingredients such as polymers in order to effectively absorb and attract the dislodged dirt. Thorough vacuuming is a must in order to remove the remaining residue and soil from the carpet pile. It also ensures that indoor air quality through preventing residues of white powder inside the house.


The Dry Cleaning Advantage

A lot of carpet owners, particularly those in commercial settings prefer dry cleaning their carpets. The top and most obvious benefit of this method is that there is no drying time. It is quite popular for interim maintenance due to the minimal water used for the treatment. Dry cleaning treats dirty and soiled carpet without any disruptions to your work or routine. It would only take hours after cleaning and you’ll have your carpet back in its pristine shape.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Method

Many carpet manufacturers highly recommend carpet steam cleaning method. It is also known as hot water extraction, external extraction, or warm water extraction. According to carpet cleaning specialists, the method is classified as deep cleaning. Other cleaning techniques are categorized as light surface or interim cleaning. Deep cleaning removes embedded or deep seated soil in the carpet pile.

Steam cleaning utilizes a fine spray of liquid or water injected into the carpet fiber in order to force the dirt out and dislodge it. A vacuum immediately sucks the slot in front of the water spray. Most professional carpet cleaners use truck mounted cleaning units and the process is done outside the house or establishment. The injected water is heated and forced into the carpet using high pressure.


The Steam Cleaning Advantage

This carpet cleaning technique is highly recommended due to its ability to deeply clean the carpet. It also does not retain any residues which could only attract dirt and absorbent stains in the future. Thus, the carpet is immaculate inside and out. Although the drying time is a common issue, it is no longer a pressing concern among carpet users. Modern steam cleaning technology offers faster drying time that only lasts for several hours.


Bonnet or Carbonated Cleaning Method

The method utilizes oscillating or rotary brush that have a driving block or stiff brush. This feature operates damp, wet, or dry pads. A cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet pile or the pads may be soaked and dampened with cleaning solution and applied lightly before putting it under the driving brush. Several carpet manufacturers do not recommend using this particular method due to its tendency to distort the carpet pile and eventually damage the fiber. Moreover, it can barely remove soil and leave detergent residues in the carpet pile.

Bonnet method is quite questionable especially when it comes to extraction. Rapid re-soiling of the carpet fiber is often documented in relation with using the bonnet method.  Check the manufacturer’s instruction and recommendation in order to find out the suggested cleaning techniques.


Carpet Cleaning Frequency

The severity of the carpet dirt or stain determines the type of cleaning technique that is appropriate to use. However, the area where the carpet is located mainly influences the frequency of the carpet cleaning schedule. Regular vacuuming is necessary especially for carpets in places with higher foot traffic. Areas such as the hallways, doorways, foyers, and receiving areas, living room, kitchen, and dining room have high traffic thus the carpets are prone to dirt and soil.

The different available carpet cleaning schedules to choose from cater to unique needs and budgets. You can hire professional carpet cleaners for deep cleaning treatments while others are available for interim or light surface cleaning. Schedules may include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance programs. It takes 12 to 18 months to have your carpet professionally cleaned for typical households. However, carpets in busy areas and locations need more frequent than that.


Which Carpet Cleaning Company to Hire

Different carpet cleaning companies have their own techniques and cleaning methods. Most have specializations and featured services. Before you hire a carpet cleaning specialist, make sure that the services they offer is what your carpet needs. Some companies offer dry cleaning while others highlight steam cleaning as their preferred treatment.


Arrange an Initial Consultation

One of the most practical steps for higher the right company is to arrange a consultation first. Many companies offer free consultation to potential customers. This way you can inquire about important things regarding the company. The initial consultation is a venue where you can weigh and compare your choices. Don’t hesitate to ask about the carpet cleaning methods they use, their service rates, and other pressing concerns in your mind.


Schedule an Online Visit

Some carpet cleaning providers offer free virtual quotes. However, you can also schedule an onsite visit in case you want to get a more accurate estimate. The inspection team will also see the extent of the carpet problem they are dealing with. Thus, they can give you recommendation and advice for the best carpet cleaning treatment available.


Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Technique

There are several factors to consider when choosing the proper and most effective carpet cleaning method. The type of carpet highly determines the ideal and appropriate cleaning treatment. Some carpets are amenable to dry cleaning while others are exclusively for steam cleaning or water extraction. Trusted carpet cleaners consult with you regarding the cleaning method. They help you understand the plausible solutions for your carpet problems. They explain why a particular cleaning method will work and the other will not.


Check the Background of the Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are expensive investments and hiring a carpet cleaning company to handle your investment is the safest and best way to protect it. Carpet cleaning companies overflow in today’s market. How do you know you are choosing the best service provider? Check the company background through unbiased reviews and ratings. Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of license to operate. You may also ask for proof of insurance and a list of viable references.

The latest carpet cleaning techniques are designed for top notch results. Hire professional carpet cleaners that have updated training, proper safety gears, and the most advanced equipment to do the job.