Carpet cleaning faqs

What are the Most Important Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Carpet cleaning restores and revives your old, dirty, and soiled rug. This important task is available for residential and commercial settings. A lot of industries prefer professional carpet cleaning solutions for better results without too much burden on the owner’s shoulders. One of the most pressing issues today is whether you need to hire professional carpet cleaners or do the task on your own. There are other frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning that need immediate and comprehensive response.

Here are some of the most common FAQs about cleaning your carpet and gaining the best results possible:


Q: How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

A: The best answer is depending on numerous factors such as the following:

  • Location of the Carpet. Where is the carpet located? Is it in the bedroom and other areas that you occasionally use? Is the carpet in the hallway, kitchen, dining area, living room, and other venues that have heavy foot traffic? The location of the carpet highly influences the severity of the spoiling or dirt buildup. Carpets in heavy traffic areas are more prone to dirt, stain, and spills. They wear and tear and become dirty much faster than carpets in low traffic locations.
  • Manufacturer’s Recommendation. The frequency of having your carpet cleaned also depends on the recommendation and instruction of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers suggest having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Other carpets need qualified technicians for care and maintenance on a regular basis. Take note that not addressing pressing carpet issues such as soil accumulation reduces the carpet’s life span.
  • Type of Carpet. The type of carpet you have requires different approach and frequency of cleaning. Some carpets are made from durable and resilient materials while others are more vulnerable and sensitive to excessive or frequent cleaning. Know and understand your carpet type in order to determine the ideal schedule for maintenance. Remember that carpets are not created equal. Where daily cleaning is recommended for one, regular washing could be disastrous to another.


Q: Is DIY carpet cleaning recommended?

A: According to most carpet manufacturers, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners especially for severe and difficult to remove spillage and dirt. DIY carpet cleaning may only be recommended for lighter carpet maintenance tasks such as vacuuming. However when you are dealing with stains and spots, you need professional cleaners to do the job. Bear this in mind especially if you have no idea how to properly and effectively clean the affected area.


Q: What’s the “first aid” for carpet spills before hiring the pros?

A: The secret to dealing with carpet spills and stains is time. You need to immediately and promptly address the stain problem before it gets worse. Accidents happen all the time and when you cannot contact a carpet cleaner right away, there are things you can initially do:

  • Have your carpet cleaning kit always ready. Preparedness is the key to everything. Carpet cleaning experts highly recommend having important items and solutions at your disposal all the time. You need white and clean absorbent towel or cloth, dry cleaning solution, detergent solution, detergent vinegar solution, and ammonium solution.
  • Know the type of stain you are dealing with. Different stains and spills have the matching spot removal method. Some stains are more difficult to remove than others. Alcohol, coffee, tea, and other liquids need you to blot up the spills with the use of dry, clean white cloths. Blood, glue, chocolate, and ice cream could be scraped up using a blunt edge.
  • Use the right spot removal solution and thoroughly rinse. Different spot removal products are available with varied concentration level. Some spot cleaners are much stronger and powerful than others. Make sure you use the appropriate spot removal solution on the carpet type. Check the manufacturer’s instruction to avoid damaging your carpet any further and destroying your warranty. Thoroughly rinse the carpet to remove chemical residues.


Q: What are the benefits of hiring certified carpet cleaners?

A: Professional carpet cleaning companies are the best option to deal with stubborn and damaging carpet stains and dirt. Here are some of the reasons why you need to call in the pros:

  • Professional carpet cleaners are fully licensed and certified. Choose a carpet cleaning service provider with proof of license and certification. They must also be members of industry approved and trusted organizations. That way you are 100% you are not dealing with rogue traders and fly-by-night companies.
  • Professional carpet cleaners uphold standard of cleaning quality. One of the reasons why licensed carpet cleaning companies is the best is due to their work ethics and standards. Certified carpet cleaners need to maintain high standards of cleaning excellence in order to retain their reputation and status quo in the industry. They also adhere with the stringent standards in carpet cleaning in order to maintain their membership with industry approved groups or associations.
  • Professional carpet cleaners have years of experience. With experience comes expertise. The longer the carpet cleaning company has in the business, the more they know and the higher their expertise level. They are fully updated to the latest in the carpet care and maintenance niche as well. Would you prefer a company with proven track record than new ones that have yet so much to approve?
  • Professional carpet cleaners have trained staffs. It is better to hire people that know what they are actually doing. DIY carpet cleaning may not necessarily help you save especially if you are clueless about safety rules and instructions. In fact, you may damage your carpet which could cost you so much more. Carpet cleaning experts are highly trained and fully geared to do the job. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure quality results while guaranteeing the safety of everyone around.
  • Professional carpet cleaners are fully equipped. Carpet cleaning specialists invest on their workforce as well as facilities, tools, and machines. Do you have a truck mounted steam cleaner which could be the best cleaning approach for your carpet needs? Do you have commercial grade vacuums? Are you using effective cleaning solutions with the right formulation to get rid of stains while keeping the surrounding safe? These are some of the features of a fully equipped carpet cleaning company.


Q: How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

A: Different carpet cleaners have their own rates and pricing. Pricing varies depending on several factors such as the type of work that has to be carried out and how much work is necessary. The construction of the carpet is also considered as well as the location of the items. Other companies include the customer’s physical location in their overall quote. The type of required equipment to perform and complete the job is also an important factor that determines the overall cost of the job.


Phone Quotes vs. Onsite Quotes
It is important to consider the difference between quotes made over the phone and those that are results of an onsite visit. The latter is obviously more accurate as the inspection team has already considered the numerous variables to estimate the cost. Be wary of carpet cleaners that provide online quotes though since it may have hidden charges or additional fees. The technician usually makes a detailed inspection before giving you any quote and commencing any work. This allows them to understand the problem they need to deal with and better inform the customer of the necessary approach for the problem.


Q: What are the different carpet cleaning methods and which method is the best?

A: Carpet cleaning methods are different and designed to provide satisfactory results. Each of these methods also has different approach and a place in different industries. Carpet cleaning methods are not created equal as carpet types are also unique and distinct. Take a look at some of the common and highly recommended carpet cleaning techniques available today:

  • Steam Cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction method. Steam is generated from the hot water which is injected into the dirty carpet pile using high pressure. This method basically dislodges deep seated and embedded dirt from the carpet pile. The dislodged particles are immediately suctioned from the carpet through a powerful commercial grade vacuum. The technique is usually done outdoors for easy access to the truck mounted steam cleaner.
  • Dry Cleaning. This method is preferable for commercial carpet cleaning. This is a technique that does not have longer drying time because of minimal water used for the process. Numerous business establishments and workplaces have carpet dry cleaning so that work and business operations are not disrupted. It would only take a few hours to dry out the carpet and make it available and accessible.
  • Carpet Shampooing. This method is actually considered one of the basic services in all carpet care and maintenance programs. Different carpet cleaners have their preferred shampoo solution with their matching features and effects. The most important fact about carpet shampoos is that they must have a foamy formulation in order to guarantee quality results. Others however are skeptical about carpet shampoo as the foamy residues may attract dirt and pollutants when not properly and thoroughly rinsed.
  • Basic Vacuuming. Just like carpet shampooing, vacuuming is one of the topmost important methods for carpet maintenance. Regular vacuuming is important especially if the carpet is in an area with heavy foot traffic. You can also check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper vacuuming and the acceptable frequency for cleaning the rug. There are powerful industry grade vacuums available for commercial application. Other vacuum models are more portable and handy for lightweight carpet cleaning needs.


Q: Are there protective measures to prevent fast re-soiling?

A: The type of materials and construction the carpet is made of has a lot to do with the resistance of the carpet against stains and dirt buildup. However, contemporary carpet cleaning detergents and chemicals now have high specifications for stain and dirt resistance. These cleaning products also have protecting agents to ensure your carpet can withstand the usual pollutants and elements of wear and tear. The right cleaning solution gets rid of the carpet soil or dirt without damaging the carpet fiber.


Q: What are the different carpet cleaning chemicals?

A: Quality carpet cleaning results are only achieved with the use of the right cleaning chemical. All methods require these cleaning solutions with the appropriate formulation. Some carpet cleaners use powders while others have other choices including detergents, solvents, and other solutions. Reputable carpet cleaners use products with certified standard of quality and safety. These products are designed for carpet stain and dirt removal but with safety features to maintain a healthy domestic environment.


Carpet Cleaning Chemicals and Health Risks

Nowadays, green cleaning products are taking the world by storm. Even carpet cleaning solutions are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients. They are safe especially for people and even pets. The formulation does not have any adverse effects on people with asthma and other respiratory problems. Carpet cleaning products should be safe to people who are chemically sensitive or allergic.


Q: Is it okay to have professional carpet cleaning in households with children and pets?

A: Safety is paramount in the carpet cleaning niche, whether for the carpet technicians and the occupants of the premise. Thus, they use safe and green products as well as use safety gears during the cleaning process. Trusted carpet cleaners will also guide you and make a walkthrough of the dos and don’ts of carpet cleaning. Cleaning the carpet and getting rid of pollutants and allergens in your carpet pile is essential to keep quality indoor air. Don’t be afraid of the misconception that carpet cleaning chemicals are bad for your health. Professional carpet cleaners make sure that you are out of harm’s way as they do their job.


Q: How long is the drying period for the recently cleaned carpets?

A: The drying period mainly depends on the type of carpet cleaning method used. Other factors include how soiled the carpet was and how much water was applied during the cleaning process. The weather conditions may also affect the length of the drying time as well as the indoor atmosphere. In normal cases though, carpets, soft furnishings, and the likes will dry out within 6 to 8 hours. It is important that you mention the drying time to the service provider if it is your main concern. The carpet cleaner may advise you the best cleaning method taking into consideration the drying timeframe. Some specialists also have their own suggested methods in order to speed up the drying process. However, this may have an extra charge.


Q: Will the stains and spills come out?

A: The result of the carpet cleaning method highly depends on the type of stain you are dealing with. Take note that not all stains will be removed especially those that were left unaddressed for an extended period of time. There are permanent stains that may also damage the carpet beyond repair. Irreversible damages such as the ones with the dangerous black molds should be restored right away in order to prevent any health risks.


Q: Will professional carpet cleaning include moving your furniture?

A: In most cases, yes. Registered and reputable carpet cleaners make it a part of their all-around carpet cleaning service to move the furniture, especially large and bulky ones. After all, this is one of the reasons why most carpet owners hire a carpet cleaning company in the first place. There are however some companies that would charge extra for this particular service. The key is to discuss the inclusion of the carpet cleaning package you wish to hire. Make sure that the quote they gave you is inclusive of everything, especially the furniture lifting.


Q: Do you have to be home during the cleaning process?

A: It would not be necessary for you to be home while the cleaning process is ongoing. However, if it is your first time to hire the company and trust is not established yet, you can always discuss this matter with the service provider.


Q: How do you file a complaint against a carpet cleaning company?

A: Different states and areas follow their own rules in filing for complaints against a carpet cleaning service provider. Check with the regulations of the state or city you reside in. It is best to choose and hire a carpet cleaning company that is a certified member of a well-known and industry approved organization. This way you know where to go in case you have some issues with the type of service you received. Make sure that you discuss the problem first with the concerned carpet cleaner before you escalate the problem to the association.

Knowing the essential answers to the different carpet cleaning FAQs gives you more clarity and understanding of this all too important task. Researching about the carpet cleaning trade and service provider saves you a lot of time, money, and worries in the long haul.