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How to Get Quality Results from Steam Cleaning Experts

Effective deep carpet cleaning is equivalent to top quality steam cleaning. This particular method guarantees remarkable results, then and now. The emergence of new and advanced carpet cleaning technology boosts the outcome a notch higher. With the right processes and equipment, the method ensures removal of deep-seated dirt in the carpet fibers. It gets rid of surface oils, dust mites, and other pollutants and allergens. The outcome is great looking carpets that are downright healthy.


Steam Cleaning Fundamentals

Know the basics of steam cleaning and everything in connection with the process before using the method for carpet care and maintenance. In the recent years, the carpet cleaning method becomes a confusing notion. Various manufacturers contribute to people’s misconception regarding the cleaning process as well as related equipment. In fact, some manufacturers release carpet cleaning vacuums and tag them as steam cleaners when the truth is, the features are only similar to the real deal.


What really is a steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners are units of cleaning machine that functions through heating the water until it reaches a steam vapor state. The process uses very high temperature in order to create the vaporized solution. The steam cleaning method applies the water vapor as an agent of extracting dirt in the carpet fiber. The solution is eventually dislodged from the fiber straight to the collection tank. Some cleaning solutions utilize detergent and water mixture in order to remove stains and spots from dirty carpets.


Is there a difference between steam cleaners and other equipment?

How would you know that it is the real deal? According to steam cleaning experts, the key difference lies in the water temperature used. Steam cleaners use a very high temperature in order to transform water into vapor. It is the whole basis of the entire cleaning process. In some steam cleaners, the water temperature is roughly 200 degrees. The high temperature effectively removes dirt and grease particularly for average carpets.


How does the cleaning works?

The steam cleaning method works through the use of extremely hot water onto the carpet fiber. It basically removes dirt and grease through neutralizing the adhesive bond in the chemical makeup of these polluting and staining agents. Grease and dirt creates an adhesive attraction that makes it stubbornly attached to the carpet fibers. The same bonding agent prevents standard carpet cleaners and vacuums to comprehensively remove all the dirt and stain from the carpet.


Upon application of the high temperature steam, the bond of grease and dirt is dissolved. The process dislodges the dirt and stain along with the cleaning solutions in the carpet fiber. These are eventually vacuumed into the steam cleaner. The process of immediately vacuuming the dirt and grease is vital. It prevents the adhesive agents to form right away once the steam disappears.


Remarkable Benefits of Steam Cleaning

On top of its ability to remove deep seated dirt and stains from the carpet fiber, steam carpet cleaning offers other outstanding results. Take a look at the known and proven benefits of using high temperature steam for cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful carpets:


Healthy Inside and Out

Allergens and pollutants do no thrive in hot environment. The high degree of heat kills off fungi, bacteria, dust mites, molds, mildew, and other health risks lurking in your carpet fibers. The steam cleaning process is highly considered as one of the healthiest ways to remove dirt and grease from your carpet. The method not only restores the aesthetics of your rug. It also makes it cleaner and free from agents that potentially put your life at risk.


No Soapy Residue

Other carpet cleaning methods leave soapy residues in the carpet fibers. This makes the situation worse as the residues attract more dirt and grease. Soapy residues destroy the carpet fibers over time and when left unattended. The steam cleaning method guarantees no soapy residues especially when it is accurately done. You will no longer deal with detergent residues that attract dirt. It is also imperative that you find a professional carpet cleaner that specializes in this method just to be 100% sure.


Better Moisture Removal

The advanced technology and equipment for steam cleaning use methods to remove up to 95% of moisture in the fibers. The aggressive dislodging of the dirt and solution from the carpet and vacuuming them to the tank makes it happen. Strong vacuum system makes sure that the adhesive bond is not retained or restored. Nowadays, using a steam cleaner does not mean waiting for hours or days to reuse your carpet again. Innovative steam cleaners are designed to ensure faster and better drying time.


Safe Water Solution

This advantage is quite true especially from professional steam cleaning specialists. Most steam cleaners require additional chemicals for more efficiency. However, some chemicals contain hazardous formulations that could put your health at risk. It takes a professional steam carpet cleaning company to guarantee safe water solution. Reputable service providers use eco-friendly chemical solutions that are harsh on dirt and stain but gentle to your health.


Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Carpets are not just foot cushions. They also determine the quality of indoor air in your home or office and business, depending on its sanitation level. Carpets send off dust mites and allergens in the air especially when left unattended. Dirtier carpets are dangerous as they also house mold and mildew. Carpet care and maintenance ensures healthier environment that is free from respiratory problems, allergies, and other ailments.


Removes Deeply Embedded Dirt

The ability of steam cleaning to remove deeply seated dirt and stain is overwhelming. Experts and carpet manufacturers agree in the effectiveness of using high heat temperature to dissolve the bonding agents of grease and stain. It removes deeply embedded dirt in the carpet fibers that got entangled there for a long period of time. No dirt and stain is stubborn enough to not dislodge after the application of extremely high water temperature into the fibers. For extensive and comprehensive cleaning, nothing is as strong and aggressive as steam carpet deep cleaning. Steam also dissolves glue, chewing gum, and ground-in wax.


Pristine Looks Restored

One of the top reasons why steam cleaning is highly recommended is because it restores the pristine looks and condition of your carpet. Use steam cleaners for rug cleaning and bring back your rug to its top shape. Carpet care and maintenance provides the much needed protection for this lucrative and expensive investment. Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning your carpet at least once every year for normal use. However, ensure carpet cleaning more often for rugs in high foot traffic areas and households with pets and children. Steam carpet cleaning buffs the carpet fibers and rejuvenates the rug’s aesthetics.


Faster Drying Period

Steam basically evaporates so much faster than other carpet cleaning processes. Thus, steam cleaning is an ideal method for less time consumption. Commercial steam cleaners provide trusted and practical carpet cleaning solutions. The process is ideal especially for business establishments and offices where the cleaning method should not interrupt regular business operations and workplace productivity. Steam cleaning allows quick drying time so that you can use the carpet again in just hours after the process is complete.


Important Pointers when Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is not a DIY task if you don’t have the knowledge and tools to complete the job. It is better delegated to the professionals. The good news is that there are several steam carpet cleaning companies available in the market. All you have to do is choose the best in their craft. However, before going to the daunting task of choosing the best steam cleaner, there are other helpful tips to remember.

Carpet owners need to know some of the fundamental pointers for effective steam cleaning. Taking a look at the salient things to remember for quality carpet cleaning results:

  • Get Geared Up. It is important to wear protective clothing as well as masks and goggles especially if you are around during the process. You may not lift a finger when hiring steam cleaners for the job. However, it doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable to the allergens and pollutants that escape the dirty carpet when steam cleaned. Professional steam cleaners advise their clients to vacate the premises where the cleaning takes place. You need not leave your house though. You just have to keep a safe distance for security purposes.
  • Steam Causes Painful Burns. The process of steam cleaning is a demanding one. That’s why professional steam carpet cleaners are fully geared and fully equipped for the job. It is highly recommended that you stay away from the site where the steam carpet cleaning is taking place. Steam causes painful blisters and burns if it comes in contact with your skin.
  • Items to Avoid. Steam cleaning is ideal for carpets however it may not be a good cleaning option for other surfaces and items. For instance, make sure you put away some stuffs before professional steam cleaners do their job. Steam destroys cardboard and paper products, silk and other delicate fabrics, and walls or surfaces that have water-based paint covering.
  • Carpets, Curtains, Upholstery, and Mattresses. Do you know that steam cleaning is ideal not just for carpets? You can also clean other items and areas and get squeaky clean results. Steam cleaners kills bacteria, dust mites, and gets rid of stains from surfaces. Carpet steam cleaners are also ideal for spot cleaning while there are larger and more advanced machines for larger surfaces. Avoid soaking the fabrics through hiring professional steam cleaners for the job, no one less.


How often do you steam clean the carpet?

One of the most pressing questions about steam cleaning is the frequency of using the process. The best identifier is the location of the carpet. Those in areas with high foot traffic obviously require more frequent care and maintenance. Areas such as the hallway, kitchen, dining room, living area, and other places that are frequently used are also prone to dirt and stain. Carpets in these venues require steam cleaning at least every 3 or 6 months. Others in areas with low traffic could suffice with once a year carpet treatment.


Available Carpet Cleaning Schedules

Residential and commercial carpet care and maintenance vary in the frequency of the cleaning required. Commercial establishments have significantly higher foot traffic. Workplaces and business establishments cater to more people and occupants in a daily basis. Thus, carpets in these areas require steam cleaning much more often than those in homes and smaller places. Take a look at some of the most common carpet cleaning schedule packages available:



Hire professional steam cleaners in a regular basis. Although steam cleaning per se is not advisable for daily treatment, carpet vacuuming is. Carpets in the office and businesses that accommodate high foot traffic are prone to dirt, stain, and other pollutants. Consult with a carpet cleaning company to know the ideal day to day carpet cleaning solutions for you.



This is one of the most popular packages or carpet steam cleaning. Companies hire professional cleaners in a week to week basis for extensive carpet cleaning. Most carpet owners prefer weekend cleaning schedules especially in offices so that their work operations are not or less disrupted.



Residential and commercial carpet cleaning may also apply for monthly schedules. Getting the best results for steam cleaning process also calls for close monitoring and extensive care and maintenance. Most package deals offer monthly treatment especially for carpet types that are more sensitive or prone to damage with regular cleaning.



Reputable steam cleaners and carpet cleaning companies in general provide customized cleaning schedules. You can even opt for a one-time cleaning service if you like. The main objective is to improve the looks and condition of your carpet through proper steam cleaning. Some customized schedules include bi-weekly, quarterly, every six months, yearly, and twice a year, among many others.


Hiring the Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Specialist

The carpet care and maintenance niche is a continuously growing industry. The need for professional carpet cleaners is undoubtedly overwhelming. Hire professional steam cleaners for quality results. Keep in mind that steam cleaning is never a DIY task. You could do it on your own and risk injuring yourself and damaging your carpet all together. Steam carpet cleaning specialists on the other hand have both the training and equipment to make a world of difference.


Know the most helpful criteria and use them as your guide to top notch carpet steam cleaning solutions:

  • Professional and Trained. The steam cleaning team reflects the company. The quality of carpet care and maintenance you get depends on the performance of the people sent to your place. Choose a carpet cleaning company that invests on the training and skill enhancement of their people. Trusted carpet cleaners have good professional background and track record as well.
  • Competitive Service Rates. The best steam carpet cleaners offer affordable steam cleaning rates for different budget ranges. Check and compare the pricing of different companies. Make sure you don’t compromise the quality of service to much cheaper packaged deals. Affordability and quality always go hand in hand. Make sure the quotes you receive do not have hidden additional charges and fees.
  • Innovative Cleaning Technology. Modern steam cleaning solutions are from advanced and modern carpet cleaning technology. The most reputable carpet cleaners utilize computerized cleaning solutions. They provide the latest steam cleaners that cater to all types of light and heavy duty cleaning requirements. Do not settle for less.
  • Licensed and Insured. Just like any other service providers, steam cleaning specialists must be fully licensed to operate. They comply with industry regulations for complete insurance coverage. These features safeguard the customers from fly-by-night transactions. You know that you are protected from unexpected expenses if the company is insured.
  • High Customer Approval Rating. Consider the feedback and rating of previous customers. Satisfied clients become loyal and repeat customers. You will know that you are dealing with the right steam cleaning company if they have good customer review. Happy customers recommend the company to others. However, unsatisfied and irate ones file complaints. Word of mouth remains the most trusted source of comments and feedbacks regarding the company’s overall performance.
  • Years in Business. One of the most trusted ways to know the type of steam cleaning company you are dealing with is through looking into their years in business. The carpet cleaning niche is a competitive one. Only quality companies with high customer approval and loyalty remain in the business for a long period of time.
  • Unmatched Customer Support. Hire a steam cleaning company that provides 24/7 customer service. They offer customer support and advice to ensure that you do not encounter hassles and issues upon employing their services. Most reputable companies offer free consultation and fast services.

Steam cleaning saves your most precious carpet from damage. Carpet cleaners that specialize in this carpet care and treatment help rejuvenate your carpet to its top shape. Consult a steam carpet cleaning expert today!