Carpet Cleaning

Effective Tips for High Traffic Areas

Carpet Cleaning: Effective Tips for High Traffic Areas

Carpet cleaning that offers effective results takes more than powerful cleaning machines, chemical solutions, and cleaning methods. It is important to know the type of carpet you need to install especially in high traffic areas. Placing the ideal carpet type in areas that are often frequented saves you time, money, and energy in the cleaning and maintenance. Thus, the real secret on how to clean your carpet in high traffic areas is to know the right carpet to place there.


Carpet Fibers that Suit your Needs

High traffic areas are busy areas, whether the venue is indoor or outdoor. In the case of indoor settings, high traffic areas are those that are frequented by occupants such as the kitchen, shared hallway, or living area. Carpets that are installed in these types of venue are most likely to have stain, dirt, and other impurities compared to those in low traffic places. These are the carpets that must be on top of your list when planning for a carpet cleaning project. You can hire professional carpet cleaners if you want a more thorough and efficient outcome. After all, cleaning carpets in high traffic areas need not break your back.

Carpeting is one of the most lucrative yet financially demanding investments you will have. The variety of carpet available could make your head spin. The overwhelming choices include different colors, styles, and brands. What exactly is the perfect carpet that is ideal for high traffic areas in your home or establishment? The answer depends on the makeup of the carpet you wish to invest on.

Here are some of the top choices for carpet types that cater to the demands of high traffic venues:


  1. NYLON

In terms of carpet fiber durability, nothing really outperforms the nylon material. This material is also known for its resilience and low maintenance feature. Choose this carpet if you want minimal to no hassles in cleaning your high traffic rugs. Nylon carpet fiber is also the best choice if you want your rug to last for decades to come. According to experts, nylon carpets are also ideal for homes with small children and pets.

There are low cost nylon fibers and there are also high quality options. Lower quality nylon fibers are usually not branded and may only have the “100% nylon” tag on it. High quality nylon carpets on the other hand are branded with tags such as 100% Stainmaster Tactesse or 100% Mohawk Nylon. Based on their qualification, 6.6 nylons are the softest, strongest, and most expensive, costing $10 to $45 per square yard.


Also known as polypropylene, this carpet fiber is inexpensive and attractive. It is highly resistant to fading with durable and strong features. Therefore, it is often selected for installation and use for high traffic yet cleaner areas such as play areas and family rooms. Compared to nylon, olefin is not that resilient thus further care is demanded during cleaning. Olefin carpet fibers are manufactured and often produced into looped Berber. The dirt is concealed with the nubby weave of the carpet fiber. Olefin usually costs between $8 and $25 per square yard.


There are popular brands for this type of carpet fiber namely Sorona and Smart-Strand. The per square yard price for the carpet fiber is between $20 and $45. It is considered a newly classified fiber that is partly made from corn sugar. It is an ideal choice for high traffic areas due to its resilient features. Triexta is also known for its longer lasting anti-stain properties which are an excellent upside. The superior stain resistant property of the carpet fiber makes it a remarkable choice for homes with pets and young kids.


Known for its luxurious and plush features, polyester or PET carpet fibers are also stain resistant. However, due to its harder to clean properties, it is not highly recommended for high traffic areas. Polyester, however, is ideal for bedrooms and households that do not have pets or kids. The cushy and nice underfoot usually costs between $8 and $18 per square yard. It is also high maintenance therefore you need to call the expertise of carpet cleaning specialists for a comprehensive and fuss-free result.


Common Carpet Styles for High Traffic Areas

The general carpet styles highlight varied weaves and quality. Styles also come with unique shades and designs that fit different venues in residential or commercial settings.

  • Saxony. This carpet weave is also known as plush or velvet with cut piles that work well in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Due to its vulnerability to vacuum marks and footprints, it is not an ideal carpet style for high traffic areas. You might also consider other carpet styles if your household has pets and active kids.
  • Textured. Unlike its Saxony counterpart, textured carpet weaves are best for high traffic areas and those with active lifestyles. The textured cut pile features multiple colors of yarn with different tuft heights. The appearance is mostly two-toned which basically hides dirt. Textured carpet piles also reduce the appearance of vacuum marks and footprints.
  • Frieze. One of the most expensive and durable carpet styles is the frieze (“fri-zay”). The three cut pile highlights a designed tuft that is tightly twisted. The nubby texture is tangible on the surface which effectively covers footprints. Frieze is ideal for heavy traffic areas due to its resilience and durability which could last for 2 decades or more, with good maintenance.
  • Sculptured. The cut and loop carpet style is made with tufts that are both looped and non-looped. This carpet weave is durable yet with a very cost effective price tag. There are varied shadings for sculptured carpet styles, enabling the rug to effectively hide dirt. However, the seams are more visible when inspected. The durability and price range of sculptured carpet weaves increase, depending on the face-weight yarns.
  • Berber or Looped. Elegance and sophistication is synonymous to this type of carpet style. Therefore it is not an ideal choice for heavy traffic and active areas. The carpet weave tends to snag and easily run thus don’t install them if you have pets or small children. Berbers usually have smaller or larger loops. Small-looped Berbers wear better however large-looped ones quickly mat down and quite harder to clean. Looped carpets are also hard to repair thus it should be handled with utmost care.


Ideal Carpet Pad for Heavy Traffic Areas

Thinner carpet pads are the best for high traffic areas, usually having 8 lbs. or more in density. Carpet pads that have the right density and not thickness are usually high quality ones. Carpet pads are essential and could extend the lifespan of your carpet. Never settle for low-density and cheap pads since these would not last long and immediately require replacement. The right carpet cleaning method should be used when cleaning the rug and the carpet pad in order to avoid problems such as discoloration.

The best carpet that is fully equipped for high traffic areas are those with short and dense loop materials. Carpet fibers that are stain proof and dirt resistant are the ideal choice for these heavy duty venues.


Top Tips to Clean Carpets in High Traffic Places

Busy areas with heavy foot traffic need the highest focus especially in terms of carpet cleaning. There are various areas that are considered high traffic such as your shared hallway, foyer, kitchen, and the area surrounding the coffee table. These are places with lots of activities going on in a daily basis.

Carpets that cover these areas are most prone to wear and tear and other damaging agents. Different stain types get on these underfoot cushions. There are lots of dirt, debris, and other particles that are hidden, pushed down, and build up into the fabrics. Therefore, it requires specific and extensive carpet cleaning methods in order to get a fully tangible and effective result.


Agitating Vacuum Brush

Purchase a vacuum carpet cleaner with high quality and heavy duty standards. For instance, your vacuum must have a high speed and powered brush with revolving features. This particular vacuum feature loosens and dislodges the dirt and debris on the carpet piles. Industry grade vacuums help remove the dust and dirt in a comprehensive and efficient way, sucking the dirt out of the carpet and into the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum brush bristles fluff up the carpet fiber and bring it back to its pristine look and condition.

Agitating brush on your vacuum cleaner is an effective dirt removal method. However, make sure that the type of carpet that you have is amenable to this cleaning process. Not all carpets are created equal. Some are tougher while others are softer and more vulnerable to heavy and powered cleaning. Use the agitation process on carpets that have tougher construction and materials in order to avoid damaging the rug. The secret therefore is to choose the type of vacuum cleaner that is ideal for your carpet. Your rug should be able to withstand the tough bristle action while the cleaning process takes place.


Helpful User Guide

Brush agitators come in different speeds. Users suggest that the faster the speed, the better is the cleaning result. When looking for vacuum carpet cleaners, make sure to look for a combination of good bristles and speed on the brush features. For instance, the number of bristles basically affects the quantity of the carpet fiber that is agitated and how much dirt is dislodged and picked up.


Wet Vacuum Cleaners

There are conventional vacuum cleaners and there are wet vacuum cleaners. Most common models of this type of vacuum usually combine both wet and dry cleaning in one unit. Regular vacuum cleaners only work for simple dirt and household messes. However, there are stains and particles that are stubborn to remove. These problems call for a powered and specialized wet vacuum cleaning machine. As the name implies, the vacuum cleaner works to clean up even wet spills and stains. Specialized machines also get rid of broken glass shards.


Why is it the ideal cleaner for heavy traffic areas?

Food spills are the common culprits in carpet stains, particularly in high traffic areas. Wet vacuum cleaners are specially designed for these types of messes. Food particles, whether wet or dry solid, are hard to remove. Stains tend to stick to your carpet especially when not immediately addressed. Wet vacuum cleaners help you get rid of these stubborn stains through using water as softening agents. The loosened particles are then dislodged and easily cleaned with the help of the vacuum.


How to find the right wet vacuum cleaner?

There are various places where you can find and purchase your vacuum cleaner for wet stains and impurities. You need to know which type of vacuum cleaner is best for your carpet. Cordless and small wet vacs are also available in order to clean small stains. You can also use these to remove fluids and stains that are spilled on our sofa or carpet. There are lightweight and heavyweight vacuum cleaners available for different cleaning demands.


Industrial Strength Vacuums

High traffic area carpets are prone to the most stubborn of stains and the hugest of dirt buildup. Thus, you also need a vacuum carpet cleaner that matches the tough task in front of you. Industrial strength vacuums are available for commercial settings as well as households with heavy foot traffic. Most of these heavy-duty vacuum carpet cleaners are designed for industries that work in tough environments. These carpets are in venues which demand for reliable, sturdy, and high performing equipment. Commercial grade vacuum cleaners also guarantee powerful performance and seamlessly cleaner results.


Types of Industrial Strength Vacuum Cleaners

Industry-grade vacuum cleaners are ideal for tough applications that require reliability more than anything else. Here are 2 types of commercial grade and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners:


  1. Air Powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

There are no motors, moving parts, or pumps in this vacuum. Electricity is also not necessary to operate the industry grade vacuum, giving it a huge advantage.  The vacuum’s heavy-duty feature helps collect industrial materials and products such as dusts, grits, liquids, granulates, and chips. The special design of the vacuum guarantees efficient airflow output and vacuum with its specified and compressed air supply. It is a multi-purpose and often portable cleaner that is easily handled and transported to different areas of the house or building. It works for extraction of spillage, liquids, and fine dusts and dry materials.


  1. Electric Powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

As the name implies, this vacuum type is electricity powered. The cleaner is designed for difficult industrial operations and conditions and handles dry materials such as granulates and powders. It also works to extract liquids, water, grit, and chips. The vacuum cleaners are must-haves in commercial carpet cleaning and other heavy-duty tasks. He multiple stage turbine units and powerful electric motors are designed to get rid of even the most stubborn stains and spills that have built up on the carpet for a longer period of time.


Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

You can try out all the powerful carpet cleaning methods for heavy traffic areas but nothing beats hiring the specialists in this niche. You get remarkable results without even lifting a finger. All you have to do is entrust your precious carpet in the hands of the experts and they will do the dirty job, including the heavy lifting.


Perks of Hiring Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Carpets in high traffic areas are much dirtier, spoiler, and more damaged than those in other venues in the house or commercial establishment. Thus, they need more work and attention in order to get the best results. You can do the task on your own or hire carpet cleaning companies that have trained technicians, advanced powered machines, and effective cleaning products.

Here are more upsides when you choose the experts to clean your rugs in busier areas:

  • Save More Time. Why slave away hours in carpet cleaning when you can do other important and productive things with your time? Carpet cleaners are also methodical and trained to clean your rug with time saving speed and efficiency.
  • Stay Safe and Secure. Cleaning your carpet requires lifting heavy and bulky furniture from the heavy traffic area to another place for access to your rug. Without proper safety measures, you might end up breaking your back or damaging your furniture pieces. Leave the heavy lifting and carpet cleaning to the experts instead.
  • Guaranteed Extensive Cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning is equivalent to comprehensive and immaculately clean results. Trained carpet cleaners also use cleaning solutions that are safer yet effective in extracting impurities. They clean your carpet through high powered machines and vacuum cleaners.

There are several options when cleaning your carpet in high traffic areas. Opt for DIY carpet cleaning methods or hire carpet cleaning specialists. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses and ways to achieve your desired results. The choice is yours. Contact a carpet cleaning expert today!