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DIY Carpet Cleaning: Are you Cleaning or Damaging your Carpet

For some people, DIY carpet cleaning seems to be an easy task. Although regular carpet cleaning is a must, there are cleaning processes that are left in the hands of the pros. The common misconception is that you can clean your carpet on your own because it is not that hard at all. The truth is that if you want quality results, do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is never an option. In fact, it can potentially do more harm than good. Thus, the importance of hiring licensed, trained, and professional carpet cleaners should be on top of your priority list.


Why is DIY carpet cleaning the wrong move?

On top of the wrong notion that carpet cleaning on your own is easy, many carpet owners also think that it is cost effective. It could be cheaper at the onset but look again. Cleaning your carpet may be more expensive than you think. How? Without sufficient knowledge and training for proper carpet cleaning, DIY option may possibly end up damaging your valuable and costly rug. Why risk losing a precious and expensive investment when you can safeguard it with the help of carpet cleaning specialists?

DIY carpet cleaning is a dangerous move. You just don’t know what improper carpet cleaning may cause your rug. Moreover, there are also possible dangers to you and your family when the accumulated bacteria and germs in the carpet are not properly eliminated. There is a world of difference between professional and DIY carpet cleaning.

Take a look at some of the potential health risks that improper carpet cleaning may result to:


Mould and Mildew Buildup

One of the top dangers of DIY carpet cleaning is the continuous accumulation of mould and mildew in your rug, without you knowing. You thought all the while that you have gotten rid of these health hazards but you are wrong. Without the right cleaning treatment, equipment, and chemical solution, moulds and mildew will continue to build up. Mould spores develop and are potentially inhaled, causing common health and respiratory problems.


Tangible Discoloration and Appearance Problems

Without proper training and knowledge, you may use the wrong products, cleaning equipment, and processes that could damage your rug. Instead of bringing back your carpet to its pristine condition, you just might end up totally damaging it. Using the wrong products such as carpet cleaning solvents or brighteners may cause brownish or yellowish discoloration. The wrong dosage of cleaning solvent could make the carpet pile or fiber stiff and hard instead of soft and plush. Over wetting the carpet is one of the surest ways to destroy the overall appearance of your carpet which is oftentimes beyond repair.


Poor Cleaning Quality and Result

The cleanliness and overall result is one of the top differences between professional and DIY carpet cleaning. Reputable carpet cleaners could offer 100% clean and impurity-free carpets through a plethora of cleaning treatments and methods. No matter how hard you try to clean your carpet, you may never achieve the level of cleanliness that professional carpet cleaners can offer. For instance, they have the proper training for the job. They also have high standard carpet cleaning technology and equipment. Professional carpet cleaning treatments guarantee safe, germ and mould free results through a powerhouse of cleaners and proper machines.


Health Risks

You are risking not just the quality of the result and the overall carpet condition. Improper DIY carpet cleaning is also hazardous to your own health and safety. Professional carpet cleaners are fully equipped with training and safety gears. They have the right machines to do the dirty work and ensure seamless results. They observe security measures in order to avoid inhaling of dangerous fumes or strong and concentrated chemical solvents used for carpet cleaning. If you use the same powerful chemicals yet don’t have the proper safety gears, you would most certainly end up putting your health and those of your loved ones at risk.


Problems with DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines

Embarking on a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning project requires you to purchase a cleaning machine. Nowadays, there are slews of carpet cleaning apparatuses available in the market. The big question is that are these machines effective at all? Are you doing an investment that makes financial sense? Is buying a carpet cleaning equipment the right move?

There are apparently problems with today’s DIY carpet cleaning machines. The main dilemma is that these machines do not include water extraction systems. Therefore, it may result to having damp carpets that take a longer time to dry out. Damp or soaked carpets are prone to mould and mildew buildup which is a huge health risk.

Carpet cleaning with the use of ineffective machines could result to shrinking carpet problems. Shrunk carpets result from excessive moisture. This unfortunate problem leads to only one solution and that is to replace and discard your precious carpet. Low standard carpet cleaning machines may also result to carpet re-soiling in no time. Personal or DIY carpet cleaners are not fully powered to extract all the detergents or chemicals you used for cleaning. Excess detergents basically attract dirt and allergens into the rug.


Common Mistakes with Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Why do DIY carpet cleaners often fail rather than succeed in their cleaning project? Most carpet owners that choose to clean their carpets without the help of professional cleaners commit the most common mistakes. Here are some of the basic and often committed blunders in cleaning your carpet DIY:

  • Over Wetting. As the name implies, the carpet becomes overly wet due to the excessive amount of water that soaks into the carpet or carpet padding. When the rug is over-exposed with too much water, it could result to discoloration. The problem with the carpet usually occurs if the backing materials of the carpet discolors, fades, or stains the entire rug. In other cases, over-wetting may result into carpet shrinkage. Too wet carpets would literally tear up from your floor. Wet pad or backing materials are quite difficult to dry out. Damp and soaked carpets are the venue of mould and mildew buildup.
  • Over Shampooing. One of the DIY carpet cleaning nightmares is over shampooing your carpet. There are two parts in the over shampooing mistake. First, you use excessive and too much shampoo or detergent for the cleaning. Second, you did not properly rinse your rug which could result to numerous other carpet problems. Soapy residue buildup becomes nearly impossible to resolve and get rid of. Carpets that are over shampooed become attractive to dirt and stain. It could also end up staining your carpet and damaging its aesthetics. It could be prevented through following the direction as to the proper amount of shampoo to use. Nevertheless, over shampooing is an inevitable mistake that gives you all the more reasons to switch to professional carpet cleaning.
  • Furniture Contact. It is never okay to put back your furniture in its original place after you are done with your DIY carpet cleaning. Furniture that comes in contact especially with wet and damp carpet is a source of disaster. Wood furniture, for instance, usually releases dyes and stains when it touches wet surfaces such as newly washed carpets. Take note that all types of furniture have this type of effect on your rug. Rust stain is the usual result of metal furniture legs touching your wet carpet. Wooden legs could also leave stain marks. Professional carpet cleaners utilize advanced technology and drying processes in order to dry out your rug before moving back your furniture.


What Professional Carpet Cleaners Do

Unlike most DIY carpet cleaning, professional cleaners provide a more comprehensive process. The general steps usually taken with professional carpet cleaning include the following:



Most do-it-yourselfers utilize sub standard carpet cleaning machines. In the case of professional cleaners, the equipment used for vacuuming is industrial grade vacuum cleaners.


Most carpet cleaning specialists utilize top quality and safe cleaning solution for the specific carpet type that needs the job done. The pre spraying process is done through spraying the solution onto the carpet. This step is taken in order to dislodge in-grained dirt and soil.


Professional carpet cleaners utilize contra-rotating brush equipment. The carpet piles or fibers are agitated in order to lift them and allow the cleaning solution to take effect.


The extraction process uses a rinse agent that is usually a chemical compound. The agent is then injected into the rug and eventually extracted or suctioned out. The carpet dirt along with the cleaning solution is all extracted from the rug.


After the vacuuming, pre-spraying, and extracting process, the carpet undergoes a grooming process. A special brush is used in order to groom the carpet which also helps in shortening the drying period. Grooming also allows the carpet pile or fiber to go back to its best condition or state.

In the case of DIY carpet cleaning, there are no comprehensive steps that are usually taken and guaranteed. Most do-it-yourself projects lack basic components such as safe chemicals or cleaning solutions, powerful carpet cleaning machines, and highly trained and knowledgeable technicians.


Different Carpet Cleaning Methods from the Pros

It is best to know and understand the different professional carpet cleaning methods that achieve seamless results. The sad truth is that DIY carpet cleaning could not possibly have the same remarkable outcome no matter how hard you try.

Before choosing the best carpet cleaning processes from the pros, take note that various factors determine the ideal carpet cleaning method to use. The degree of carpet soiling, cost, fiber type, and environmental conditions are just few of the factors that could help you in choosing the right carpet cleaning method:


  1. Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing your carpet is only reserved to the trained and knowledgeable of this trade. Carpet shampooing is known as the original and most basic carpet clean used. The process is done through using foamy chemicals and distributing it on the rug. A motorized circular brush is used to scrub the chemical in. This method ideally works for low-pile and heavily soiled carpets. Extraction process is not involved and the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed in order to get rid of the residue and soil.

  1. Carpet Dry Cleaning

There is extremely minimal or virtually no water used in this cleaning treatment. The complexity and difficulty of the process makes it not one of your DIY carpet cleaning projects. The dry cleaning method is done through sprinkling small amount of absorbent compounds over the rug. A mechanized brush is used in order to push the chemical into the carpet and dissolve the soil. The residue and soil are drawn up with the use of a commercial vacuum cleaner. This is a more popular professional carpet cleaning option in most commercial or business establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. The fast drying method makes your carpet ready to use in just a matter of hours. Thus, the carpet cleaning process does not disrupt any operations or productions. Dry cleaning process is an ideal option for natural fiber carpets that are easily damaged such as hemp and sisal.

  1. Steam Cleaning

This professional carpet cleaning method is also referred to as hot water extraction. This common method is uses hot water that is highly pressurized to its boiling point. The heated water is then injected into the rug under high pressure. The process basically loosens and dislodges the dirt. Moisture and dirt are immediately drawn away from the carpet with the use of a specialized steam carpet cleaning machine. Steam cleaning uses certain detergents especially with heavily soiled carpets. The process is ideally used to remove odors and kill bacteria as well as dust mites. Carpet owners, however, point out the longer drying time as one of the setbacks of this cleaning process.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

Most people think bonnet cleaning is the same as dry cleaning. It is not. In fact, there are various distinct features of bonnet cleaning methods that make it different from the former. The carpet cleaning method makes use of a cleaning product that is occasionally combined with carbonated water. The chemical compound is then distributed throughout the rug as a mist. The mixture is spread just over the carpet surface. A bonnet or a circular rotating buffer with an absorbent covering runs over the dirty area. Once the covering is soiled, it is replaced with a new and clean one. The upper 1/3 area of the carpet is cleaned however the soil settles down to the bottom of the carpet pile. Bonnet cleaning is a temporary carpet cleaning measure that should be followed up by a much more intensive cleaning.


Perks of Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are numerous comparisons between professional and DIY carpet cleaning. One of the most important things to look into is the advantages when you hire professional carpet cleaners.

  • You have clean carpets without breaking your back. Cleaning carpet also means moving your bulky furniture from their original place. Hiring professional carpet cleaners helps you skip the heavy tasks and get clean carpets without lifting a finger.
  • Completely clean carpets improve indoor air quality. Professional carpet cleaning is more comprehensive unlike regular carpet vacuuming. Deep layers of dirt that build up underneath the carpet are eliminated unlike vacuuming that only gets rid of grimes and dirt on the surface. Powerful carpet cleaners also eradicate unseen dry contaminants and allergens, thus improving your indoor air quality.
  • Professional carpet cleaning is time saving. One of the most obvious perks of hiring professional carpet cleaners is time. Compared to DIY carpet cleaning, hiring cleaners saves you a significant amount of time. Think of the time you will spend in slaving away to carpet cleaning from moving the furniture to vacuuming to spot treating to spraying to the cleaning proper. Save your time and do other important stuffs and entrust your carpet cleaning task to the pros.
  • Carpet cleaners are trained, equipped, and knowledgeable. Unless you are a certified and trained carpet cleaner yourself, it is difficult to compete with these features. Professional carpet cleaners utilize industrial-strength power vacuum and certified cleaning solutions and equipment. They are trained how to carefully and efficiently handle different types of carpet. Experienced technicians know carpet types, brands, and the right cleaning methods and products to use.
  • Longer carpet cleaning warranty. Professional carpet cleaners use products that could protect your carpet from stains and accidents in the future. Carpet cleaning specialists use manufactured cleaning agents that provide protection when applied to the carpet pile and fiber. The process of professional carpet cleaning ensures longer lifespan for your precious carpet and even better warranty that could prevent any further damage.

DIY carpet cleaning seems to be an attractive option for most carpet owners. However, doing a huge and challenging task on your own may result to various aggravating problems. Thus, it is highly recommended that you consider hiring the specialists in the carpet cleaning niche. Contact a professional carpet cleaning company for details!