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4 Easy Mattress Maintenance: Know It All for Quality Results

Mattresses play a vital role for a quality sleep. A clean mattress in good condition is not just good to look at. It also guarantees a good night sleep. Quality sleep ensures a healthy lifestyle and since you spend almost one third of your life in bed, make sure you mattress is cleaned on a regular basis. Maintain the pristine condition of your mattress and follow the most practical and effective ways to do so.


Purchase a High Grade Mattress Protector

As the name implies, this bedding accessory shields and protects your mattress. For instance, the elastic bands of mattress pads attach to the bed and prevent the surface from unevenly wearing out. Most contemporary protectors are easy to set up and put on the mattress foams. Moreover, there are washing instructions you can follow such as proper laundering through washing machines and the right laundry detergent to use.


What Mattress Protectors Do

There are 4 important functions that mattress protectors are designed for:

  1. Keep the Mattress Foam Clean

Mattress foam is one of the hardest working bedroom features in your home. Thus, they get pretty gross and dirty over time. Mattress foams are prone to perspiration, skin oil, and dead skin cells, among many others. Protectors prevent “wet spots” that consequently soak through the bedding or sheet and into the foam. Dirty mattress foams are quite difficult to clean. However, protectors are easily taken off and washed.


  1. Protect Mattress Warranty

Different mattress manufacturers observe their respective warranty terms and conditions. However, the general rule of thumb is that stains and dirt could plausibly void the warranty. Using mattress protectors also safeguards the warranty of your mattress even with stains that are not related to warranty issues. Therefore, this mattress accessory also lengthens the lifespan and service contract of the manufacturer.


  1. Prevent Dust Mites and Other Allergens

Dust mites are allergens that feed on dead skin cells. Mattresses are abundant with dead skin cells especially when they are not vacuumed in a regular basis. Mattress protectors prevent dust mites and any adverse allergic reactions related to this allergen. Using protectors shield you from allergic symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. It is easier to dust off or vacuum allergens on mattress protectors than getting rid of them in bulky and heavy mattress foams.


  1. Preserve Mattress Look and Condition

Mattresses wear down due to a number of damaging factors. Moisture such as drink spills and perspiration wears down the foam and affects the condition and comfort level. Mattress foams are prone to wear and tear just as kitchen sponge changes after several uses. The accumulation of moisture in the foam adds up and affects the mattress quality over the years. Mattress protectors extend the life of your foam through preventing moisture from seeping through. It is easier and more practical to replace mattress covers rather than the entire foam.


Types of Mattress Protector

Mattress covers vary in terms of the materials used for their construction. Different fabrics have their own pros and cons but suit different needs, preferences, and budget:

  • Cotton Mattress Protectors

This type of fabric makes a mattress protector dense and firm. Most popular choices are hypoallergenic with organic varieties. There are also cotton protectors without chemical dyes for safer use. Woven cotton fabrics are ideal to prevent allergens and dust mites.

  • Vinyl Mattress Protectors

The vinyl fabric is suitable for unique needs such prevention of severe moisture problems. Use this type of protector for foams used for bed-wetting children and pets. This protector fabric is extremely durable and wetness resistant. It is the tough material that effectively prevents mold and mildew. Vinyl fabrics require low maintenance as the surface is easily cleaned through simply wiping down. There are also hospital-grade vinyl protectors available.

  • Down Mattress Protectors

The down fabric is the ultimate in luxury and softness. The thick fabrics are made up of authentic goose down feathers but there are others that are synthetic variety. The ideal mattress foams for this protector are those that are too firm or with springs that are easily worn down. It is, however, not a good choice for those with allergic reaction to goose down.


2. Thoroughly Vacuum the Mattress

Mattresses basically benefit from a thorough clean up, starting with comprehensive vacuuming. Textile items such as mattress foams are susceptible to dirt and dust buildup. Completely run the vacuum over the foam at least once every month. Clean the entire surface of the mattress foam using the upholstery nozzle. Vacuuming is ideally done when changing the bedding or bed linens in order to save valuable time.


Popular Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vacuum cleaners get rid of dirt and dust on your mattress. There are various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market today. Which one is best for you? Take a look at some of the available vacuum equipment and brands for comprehensive mattress vacuuming:


Shark Rocket Light True Pet

Customers commend the powerful and easy to maneuver features of this vacuum model. It is ideal for mattresses, carpets, and even hardwood floors. It is an ideal vacuum for pet owners with good range of accessories.


Samsung Powerbot VR9300

The vacuum features superior coverage and navigation which is excellent for carpet and mattress cleaning. The easy to clean and effective brush bar and networked and remote control are just few of the features of this high performance vacuum. The powerful suction and full sensor are just few of the designs of the new cleaning robot which also offers visual room mapping, bag-less and easy to empty operations.


Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlete Pro Animal

The cordless vacuum cleaner is tested for day to day cleaning. It is the best cleaner to suction pet hairs with 30% faster speed rate. There is a separate brush bar for pet hairs that accumulate on mattresses, carpets, and other upholstered furniture pieces. The shorter handle makes the model more portable but not lacking of the essential hose and tools.


Dyson 360 Eye

The high capacity vacuum offers outstanding cleaning, methodical navigation, and discreet dock. The easy to set up robot vacuum is user-friendly. You only need to hit the start button and you’re good to go. The small and taller unit is also storage friendly with its rather narrower built. The 360 degree camera fully equips the vacuum and makes it a self-driving dust sucking machine. It boasts of its Radial Root Cyclone technology and innovative app control designs.


Black & Decer PAD1200 Flexi Auto

The all-around vacuum cleaner is not just ideal for mattress foams but also good for car cleaning. It has good reach with its extra longer cable and flexible hose. Move the model outside and around the house in order to suction dirt and dust. The user-friendly design features the compact bagless cleaner with dual-layer and lightweight filter system.

There are numerous vacuum cleaners available for mattress cleaning. However, you can hire professional cleaners for industry grade and powerful vacuuming services. Experts have innovative and powerful tools to do the job with quality results. You get well-maintained and extremely clean mattress foams without lifting a finger.


3. Rotate and Flip the Mattress

One of the best ways to prolong mattress life is to rotate the foam every now and then. Do this particularly when you clean the foam. The process is applicable for two-faced mattresses. There are brands that introduce two different mattress sides with the labels “winter” and “summer” respectively. Different sides have varied upholstery fabrics for their finishes. The mechanics indicate that you need to flip your mattress according to the season.


Benefits of Rotating and Flipping your Mattress

The process of rotating and flipping the mattress prevents the tendency of mattresses to alter their shape over time. It is also essential to flip the mattress upside down in order to avoid harmful body impressions. Body impressions on the mattress basically lead to body aches and other types of discomfort. Sagging mattresses are also eye sores. Other than the aesthetic value, worn down mattresses shortens the life span of your foam.


How do you rotate your mattress?

There is a difference between rotating and flipping the mattress. Rotating means turning the mattress around 180 degrees. Therefore, what used to be the mattress head is now located at the foot. When you rotate the mattress, it does not necessarily mean that you are flipping the entire foam. Thus, even after the mattress is rotated, you can still sleep on the same mattress side.


How do you flip your mattress?

Turning the mattress over is the process of flipping. The user therefore sleeps on the other side. The proper way of flipping the mattress is through rotating the mattress on 90 degrees angle, making it hang over one end. Raise the mattress foam on edge and lower over the mattress. The other side of the mattress should now be faced up. Turn the mattress foam to a further 90 degrees. Flipping the mattress also rotes it. The reverse side of the foam is now face-up while the foot of the mattress now becomes the head.


How often should you rotate and flip your mattress?

Experts recommend rotating and flipping your mattress at least every 6 months. This offers optimal care and lengthens the life span and quality of the mattress foam. However, there are also mattress brands and models that require rotating and flipping only twice a year. Proper rotation and flipping of mattress foam result to a uniformly evened out mattress surface. Take note however that not all mattresses can be flipped. In fact, there are foams that are labeled with instructions such as “NO FLIPPING REQUIRED” or “NO NEED TO FLIP.”


What is the connection between bed base and mattress lifespan?

The bed base plays a salient role in the life span of the mattress. Strong bed frames provide quality support especially at the center of the mattress. Good bed base support therefore prevents the sagging and bowing tendencies of the foam. Quality bed base or frame also facilitates the distribution of the pressure and evenly spreads it throughout the mattress. According to expert recommendations, the ideal companion for your mattress is the adjustable sprung slatted bed frame.


4. Deep Cleaning the Mattress

Vacuuming and changing bedding is not enough to bring back your mattress to its pristine condition. Deep cleaning the mattress gets rid of the dust and dirt on the surface and removes allergens and other pollutants that are deeply embedded in the fibers. It is an essential maintenance must-do for immaculately cleaner mattress inside and out. One of the popular methods of deep cleaning mattresses is through steam cleaning. According to mattress cleaning experts, the method is an ideal monthly cleaning routine.


DIY cleaning or Hire the Pros

Steam cleaning the mattress involves using high temperature water in order to dislodge deep seated dirt and dust. It requires a powerful and heavy duty steam cleaner for quality results. Steam cleaning the entire surface of the mattress is a daunting task especially if you don’t have the training, safety gears, and right equipment. Thus, steam cleaning the mattress is not a do-it-yourself task to begin with.


How do professional mattress cleaners do it?

There are various methods used on top of steam cleaning your mattress foam. Different mattress cleaning specialists follow their own method and use their own cleaning solutions. In most cases, the mattress is taken outside the bedroom in order to have a more comprehensive steam cleaning service. It also prevents disorganizing or affecting other stuffs and areas in the room. Complete mattress cleaning involves getting rid of dead skin cells, pet dander, and dust mites through extensive vacuuming before the steam is applied.

The steam is applied to the mattress with the use of high water temperature. The steam dislodges the embedded dirt and dust in the mattress with the use of a chemical solution. The cleanser is suctioned out of the mattress foam with powerful industry grade equipment. Chemical solutions must be completely removed as these agents attract dirt and dust to the surface.


Mattress Maintenance in a Nutshell

Proper mattress maintenance is the key to top quality mattresses for a longer period of time. Mattress care keeps your mattress in good shape and condition. It also prevents dust mites and other allergens from invading the surface and threatening your health.


In a nutshell, here are some practical tips on how you improve and safeguard your mattress:

  • Vacuum the Mattress

Do this in a regular basis or en you change the bedding or sheets. The ideal vacuuming frequency is at least every three months. Regular vacuuming reduces the presence of dust mites and dirt. Use HEPA rated vacuums for more effective results. Clean the mattress ideally during late winter or early spring.

  • Use Mattress Cover

Mattress protectors shield the mattress foam from allergens such as dust mites and other pollutants. Covers are convenient to use and easy to wash and remove. Using mattress cover also reduces the need for vacuuming the mattress foams.

  • Invest in Quality Mattress Pads

Mattress pads are spread over the mattress protector and covered with bed sheets. High grade pads improve the comfort level of your mattress and offer additional protection. Most quality pads are easily removable and laundered. Water resistant mattress pads are ideal if you have young children that wet their beds at night.

  • Follow Manufacturer’s Washing Instructions

In most cases, hot water is effective in cleaning and washing your mattress. However, there are different types of mattress foams and materials used for their construction. Different mattresses require unique washing procedures. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for proper mattress care to avoid any damages that could make your warranty void.

  • Flip and Rotate the Mattress Regularly

The ideal frequency of flipping and rotating the mattress is every 1 to 3 months. It allows the mattress to even out the wear and tear. Flipping and rotating your mattress not only protects its aesthetic looks and comfort level. It basically prolongs the life span of the foam. The good news is that more modern mattresses are made with “no flip and rotate” designs.

  • Strip the Mattress when not Used

The best time to strip your bed is when you go on a vacation holiday. Stripping the mattress airs out the foam. It also avoids moisture buildup in foams that are not used for an extended period of time. Dust mites thrive and grow in moist, warm, and dark untouched environments. On top of stripping your bed, make sure the humidity level in the room is below 50% or 70 degrees room temperature.

Clean mattresses are healthy mattresses. Make sure you follow the simple and user-friendly steps on how to keep your mattress in perfect shape and condition. A top quality mattress is one of the most essential keys to having a healthier lifestyle through quality sleep. Find a reputable mattress cleaning specialist for immaculate results.