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10 Best Ways to a Superior Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Installation of commercial carpet is as lucrative and important as implementing a carpet maintenance program. Carpets boost the overall image of the corporate facility or business. Effective and consistent carpet maintenance program protects your investment through maintaining the initial image of that facility or commercial property. With a good carpet cleaning routine, you extend the quality and lifespan of your financial investment.


Essential Purposes of Carpet Care and Maintenance

Before knowing the best ways to highly effective and superior commercial carpet cleaning, it is imperative to understand why a maintenance program is a must. Cleaning your carpet contributes to the following:

  • Carpet cleaning helps you reuse the materials and space to boost a healthy surrounding.
  • Carpet cleaning maintains property value and prevents the rate of depreciation.
  • Carpet cleaning directly contributes to personal productivity, security, and comfort.
  • Carpet cleaning obviously boosts and accents aesthetics.
  • Carpet cleaning enhances the mood and a unique psychology that generates a sense of living a quality lifestyle.
  • Carpet cleaning encourages and strengthens your affection and connection to the place.
  • Carpet cleaning elevates the wellbeing of the occupants, leading to a sense o good health.
  • Carpet cleaning is like an insurance that prevents crises and reduces plausible risks.
  • Carpet cleaning helps manage hazards and wastes as well as contributes to the protection of the environment.
  • Carpet cleaning promotes a message or image of care.
  • Carpet cleaning guarantees sanitation and avoids adverse exposure to pollutants, allergens, and other dangerous substances.


How to Boost your Carpet Performance

Several factors influence the overall performance and quality of your carpet. Specification, color selection, installation, and maintenance are factors that are directly connected to carpet performance. Expect superior carpet performance when you choose the right type of carpet for the commercial property. It should be properly and professionally installed and designed. Most importantly, superb carpet performance depends on the instituted maintenance and care program. Carpet care and maintenance increases the life of the carpet and boosts its performance.


Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Maintenance

Cleaning carpet is quite different than maintaining carpet. Cleaning is the process of removing soil, stain, and other impurities in the carpet pile. Many commercial carpet owners consider cleaning as a necessity. The cumulative process of soiling the carpet may not be reversed at all if properly and immediately addressed. Maintenance is an ongoing and planned process that includes soil and stain removal. Carpet maintenance aims to retain the appearance of the carpet in a daily basis at a good level.

So how do you keep the quality and overall condition of commercial carpet through professional carpet care and maintenance? Here are 10 effective ways to a superior commercial carpet cleaning.


1. Develop a Customized Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program that Works

Effective commercial carpet care and maintenance programs need to be designed and materialized after the installation. Modern carpet cleaning systems overflow which could actually leave you more confused. Professional carpet cleaners customize maintenance programs and make sure they follow certified methods and solutions.


What makes a cleaning program work?

Whether it is a DIY carpet cleaning project or hiring a professional, there are important factors to highly consider. First, follow the guidelines and instructions from the carpet manufacturer. Following the manufacturer’s directions basically protects your warranty. It also meets and even exceeds the expectations of the end user with proper time and training.


What are things to consider in carpet cleaning programs?

Carpet cleaning and maintenance helps achieve maximum use life and optimal appearance levels. Cleaning frequencies usually vary depending on the target areas. Carpet maintenance plans may change in order to meet the dynamic needs and goals of the end user. The variables that determine effective carpet cleaning and maintenance include the experience and training of the technicians, carpet selection, carpet use, cleaning budget, traffic patterns, and carpet location. The environmental conditions and the cleaning equipment and systems are also influential factors.

2. Carpet Diagnostics

Carpet cleaning includes locating, identifying, and containing the unwanted materials or substances. It also includes removing and properly disposing the soil, dirt, and stain. Time is of the essence with carpet cleaning since reduced exposure to soil also reduces the possibility of more adverse effects. Professional carpet cleaners do onsite inspection in order to properly assess and pinpoint the main problem. The right carpet diagnosis leads to accurate carpet cleaning methods and techniques.


3. Attention to Details

Carpet cleaning is a meticulous and daunting task. Thus, it is not recommended to do DIY carpet cleaning if you want comprehensive results. Cleaning carpet needs tremendous amount of attention and time in order to get rid of the impurities and achieve quality outcome. Professional carpet cleaners put constant attention to your carpet ad applies the principles of maximum deep cleaning. Everything needs to be immaculate especially in rinsing the carpet to get rid of the remaining residues.


How carpet cleaners meticulously clean your carpet?

Carpet cleaners are fully equipped with the knowledge and training to clean commercial carpets. They know the ways to properly and effective use cleaning solutions and in order to ensure the safety of everybody before, during, and after the cleaning process. Professional carpet cleaners use industry grade carpet extraction machines and vacuum equipment.


4. Consistent Carpet Management Program

A reliable carpet maintenance program includes a comprehensive cleaning method that is regularly and religiously observed. Different carpet cleaners follow their own cleaning principles and guidelines. However, there are also customized maintenance programs that adjust to the carpet cleaning needs and budgets, among many other factors.


Carpet management programs highlight the following:

  • Quality carpet cleaning systems emphasize maximum restorative cleaning methods. The techniques also ensure minimum residue, ease of use, and safety.
  • Professional and reputable carpet cleaners offer cost effective strategies, schedules, and maintenance plans.
  • Cleaning technicians play a vital role in the overall result of carpet cleaning. Trained and licensed carpet cleaners do the maintenance programs with successful results.
  • Carpet cleaners observe periodic inspection and assessment of the facility or site. Moreover, they provide management review of their clean programs.


5. Maximizing Different Cleaning Techniques

Complete carpet care and maintenance programs usually start with soil prevention. This method is more of a preventive measure. Carpet maintenance service providers do use outside mats in order to scrape off the debris and dirt from shoes and other sources. Soil-removal mats located at the outside entrance usually have coarse textures in order to brush soil and hold large quantity of soil. Inside mats are usually water absorbent and are utilized to avoid tracked-in moisture.


Take a look at some of the popular and recommended carpet cleaning methods for commercial applications:

  • Steam Cleaning. The process uses hot water that generates steam and injected into the carpet pile through high pressure. The method is also known as hot water extraction. Hot water dislodges the absorbent bond or embedded dirt from the carpet fiber. The process also uses chemical solution which is then suctioned out or vacuumed. Industry grade vacuum cleaners effectively gets rid of dirt and stain from hot water extraction.
  • Dry Cleaning. Minimal or no liquid or water is used in this process. Carpet cleaning using this process is highly preferred in most commercial locations due to the fast drying time. It means less disruption even if the professional cleaners are doing their work.
  • Carpet Shampooing. Professional carpet cleaners use foamy carpet shampoos in order to soften and dislodge the deeply seated dirt or stain. Most carpet shampoos have gentler formulation in order to keep everyone save, especially young children and pets.


6. Routine Cleaning Does Work

The type of carpet cleaning is performed in different intervals from daily to weekly to monthly to more regular frequencies. It includes regular vacuuming as well as timely spot cleaning. Routine cleaning prevents soil buildup and minimizes the damage on the appearance of the carpet. It also maximizes the usability and lifespan of the carpet.


What are the areas that need routine cleaning?

Vacuuming and pile cleaning are the process in the carpet routine cleaning. Soiling and the different foot traffic levels determine the frequency of cleaning the following areas:

  • Entry Foyers. Soils that wind up in the carpets in this area usually accumulate as the location has high foot traffic. Therefore frequent vacuuming and pile lifting is necessary and should cater to the increase or decrease of people accessing the area.
  • Reception Areas. Lobbies and reception areas are frequently used. Carpets in these locations should be routinely cleaned and maintained. The appearance and condition of the carpets have direct impact on the facility image and life cycle of the carpet. Maintenance programs include daily or more frequently routine cleaning.
  • Elevator Cabs. Elevators are frequent-pivot areas with high traffic all the time. Routine cleaning includes pile lifting or vacuuming that should be in a day to day basis.
  • Common Areas and Corridors. Traffic flow is constant in the corridors, hallways, and common areas. It should be done in a daily business with maintenance programs that include regular vacuuming and pile lifting.


7. Prompt Spot Cleaning

Superior commercial carpet cleaning includes addressing the problem right away. Spills and stains are common in most commercial carpets. Thus, spots are the top problems in today’s carpets in commercial and industrial settings. The secret to effective spot cleaning is to promptly address the spillage problem on your carpet. Get rid of the spot as soon as you noticed the problem.


How to effective spot clean carpets?

Blot, never scrub the carpet and make sure you use the appropriate chemical solution. As a rule of thumb, make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions first before doing anything. Use clean white towels to blot the carpet in order to avoid discoloring the carpet pile. Start blotting from the edge towards the center of the spot. This process and style of spot cleaning avoids spreading the stain to other nearby areas of the rug.


8. Revive the Carpet with Deep Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning revives the carpet to its relatively pristine condition and looks. This system extracts any embedded and accumulated soils as well as cleaning residues. Commercial carpet cleaning in this category uses higher intensity in order to maximize the removal of stubborn deeply seated soils.


How often do you have deep cleaning?

The frequency of the deep cleaning method depends on the traffic intensity, location of the carpet, the effectiveness of the maintenance method, and the manufacturer’s instructions. Deep cleaning is necessary before the accumulated soil is tangible on the carpet surface. Deep cleaning preserves the aesthetics of the carpet and extends its life cycle. Moreover, following the guidelines of the manufacturer also protects any applicable warranties.


9. Clean and Deodorize the Carpet

Proper carpet cleaning and maintenance is essential to get rid of unpleasant odors in the carpet pile. This is quite true in households with pets or young children. Old carpets also have the tendency to get smelly over time. Superior commercial carpet cleaning calls for the best deodorizing methods.


How to properly deodorize your carpet?

Professional commercial carpet cleaners not only clean your carpet but also get rid of the odor. Here are some of the most effective ways to properly and effectively remove the smell in your carpet:

  • Use the right carpet cleaners and deodorizers. Deodorizing products for carpets could either make or break the results. Different products have their unique formulation and pricing. Use a powerful formulation to get rid of odor, dander, and foul smell but are gentle to your health.
  • Ensure proper ventilation. Good ventilation frees out bad air or odor instead of trapping the smell in the carpet fibers and eventually inside the house. Proper ventilation is also important especially if the area is a smoking zone. These are substances or factors that could damage the carpet and results to really bad odor around the place.
  • Use dehumidifiers in prone areas. Humidity results to mold or mildew growth. In most cases, mold and mildew have distinct smell especially health-threatening types. Too much humidity or moisture inside the commercial site gradually gives the carpet a bad odor. Dehumidifiers are also good factors that could avoid damages and too frequent requests for carpet cleaning and deodorizing.


10. Finally, Hire a Trusted and Licensed Carpet Cleaner

Commercial carpet cleaning is a huge task, especially for large establishments and venues. Therefore, it should be delegated only to professional and licensed carpet cleaners. Outsource the carpet cleaning work instead of assigning the job to your regular employees.


Why hire commercial carpet cleaners?

A lot of benefits are reasons enough to hire a professional carpet cleaner for commercial settings. Here are some of the perks of hiring a carpet care specialist:

  • Professional carpet cleaners have extensive training. Carpet cleaning specialists undergo extensive cleaning trainings and course updates. They regularly update their training and credentials, mostly due to industry requirements. You cannot be considered a professional service provider without complying with these standards. That means you get quality results from trained and highly skilled technicians.
  • Professional carpet cleaners are certified and licensed. Carpet cleaning companies need to secure their work license, permit, and certification. They need to get their credentials from industry approved organizations and authorities in order to operate their business. Make sure you check any proofs of license and certification before you hire a carpet cleaner for commercial carpet cleaning needs.
  • Professional carpet cleaners are fully geared and equipped. One of the reasons why hiring licensed commercial carpet cleaner is a no-brainer is due to their fully equipped features. Carpet cleaning companies have their industry grade equipment and cleaning machines such as steam cleaners and powered vacuums. There are also truck-mounted cleaners and vacuums. Carpet cleaners likewise have safety gears to keep them safe and secure during the carpet cleaning process.
  • Professional carpet cleaners are insured. All certified carpet cleaners need to comply with the standard insurance policy coverage. Therefore any unexpected expenses are covered so that you don’t suffer from unnecessary financial losses. Check the proof of insurance of the carpet cleaning company before you hire them and sign any dotted lines.
  • Professional carpet cleaners have the experience and expertise. Choose a carpet cleaner with long years of experience in the business. The length of years of the company in the business also reflects how much they know the industry inside and out. Moreover, it shows their expertise in their craft. Veteran carpet cleaners know traditional as well as up to date carpet cleaning methods that work for different types of carpets.
  • Professional carpet cleaners have competitive rates. Professional and trusted carpet cleaners make sure they have transparent and honest quotes. Thus, they make onsite inspections before they give accurate estimates of the overall cleaning costs.

Superior commercial carpet cleaning is possible with the different steps that only professional cleaners do. The first thing to do is to find and contact a licensed carpet cleaner and schedule a consultation for inquiries and details.